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Discover the technology for improving cognitive abilities at home

SHA Wellness Clinic
September 30, 2022
At SHA we have the all the equipment guests need to continue their transcranial electrical stimulation therapy remotely.

A recent study conducted by Boston University and published in the prestigious neuroscience journal “Nature Neuroscience” presents very promising data on how brain stimulation can improve short-term memory in people over the age of 65. At SHA we have recognised the benefits of this innovative therapy since 2019, when we started using transcranial electrical stimulation, a cutting-edge technology developed by Harvard University, to enhance neurocognitive abilities. We also have a portable version that guests can use to continue treatment from their own home.

As Bruno Ribeiro, head of the Cognitive and Emotional Health Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic, tells us, “neurons communicate with each other and transmit information through bioelectrical impulses. By emitting slight discharges of a very low-energy electrical current in certain areas of the brain, we can rebalance these impulses and influence brain activity. At SHA, we use a wireless helmet equipped with 39 electrodes for our transcranial electrical stimulation sessions, which record, evaluate and modulate the brain’s electrical activity in real time. The results are spectacular: 80% of the guests notice an improvement from the first session”.

The problem we ran into was that many guests wanted to continue the therapy post stay. At SHA, we rose to the challenge and got down to work until we found the best solution. The result is that we have incorporated (and adapted to SHA’s high quality standards) a highly unique piece of portable equipment that makes it possible for the treatment to be continued remotely; it is also used for research. As Bruno explains, “there are only a handful of these devices in the world. The portable transcranial electrical stimulation equipment consists of a kind of neoprene cap, personalised for each guest, with a simple colour code to indicate the specific places where the electrodes should be attached and a small device that is controlled directly from SHA. Once the guest has finished their stay, they take the device home (we currently have some in Holland, Austria, Germany, Nigeria, the United States, Lisbon, Madrid and Marbella), connect with our therapists via video call, adjust the settings and have an at-home session. The device has different configurations to meet different goals, from combating stress or treating depression to stimulating memory, attention or learning. When necessary, we also combine transcranial electrical stimulation with other disciplines, such as cognitive stimulation therapy, to improve memory or cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy to treat depression”.


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