Rejuvenate your brain with Brain Photo Modulation

For SHA Wellness Clinic
April 17, 2018
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Dr. Bruno Ribeiro-Head of Cognitive Stimulation at SHA Wellness Clinic

Could you imagine a helmet that rejuvenates your mind, improves cognitive function, prevents Alzheimer’s, treats depression and anxiety, as well as increases physical endurance? Thanks to medical advancements in the field of neurology, said helmet exists. The treatment behind this helmet is known as brain photo modulation.

What is Brain Photo Modulation?

Brain photo modulation is one of the most innovative and up-to-date treatments that stimulate cellular rehabilitation, improving cognitive function and memory through low intensity, pain-free, transcraneal electric stimulations. It is backed up by more than 700 clinical studies and approved by the University of Harvard.

What benefits does it have?

The head of Cognitive Stimulation at SHA Wellness Clinic, Dr. Bruno Ribeiro, claims that this treatment can have very positive and effective affects on cognitive health. From improving memory, cognitive function, enhancing learning capabilities, to treating brain trauma caused by accidents. This neuromodulation technique that consists of applying a low intensity current through small electrodes placed on the neck, improves neuroplasticity in the brain. As a result, it helps improve language capacities, mathematics, concentration, memory and coordination up to 15%. Another interesting observation is that it helps treat depression and anxiety.


Whilst our life expectancy has prolonged in the last hundred years, it does not mean that our cognitive capacity has improved. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, more than 47 million people suffer from dementia. Therefore, the innovation in treatments that can prevent or even revert the effects of cognitive deterioration, gives us the opportunity to not only enjoy a long life, but also a healthy and enjoyable one.

At SHA Wellness Clinic, we focus on preventive medicine, as this is where the future of health lies. You can now try the Brain Photo Modulation treatment with Dr. Bruno Ribeiro and improve your memory, concentration levels, and physical capacity, whilst preventing illnesses like depression and Alzheimer’s.


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