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10 tips to practice trail running

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 29, 2016

If you like running and you usually train in your city, perhaps the pavement, the monotonous landscape or the urban pollution began to tire you and you feel like needing something else. If you feel this way, you will love trail running, a new way of running and change up your running routine. Take advantage of nice weather and start practicing trail running!

From pavement to mountains’ paths

Trail running is running out of the tracks in mountains, hills, going through streams and rivers. The appeal of this discipline is especially enjoying amazing landscapes and experimenting a new sensation of freedom. Practicing outdoor totally changes the exercise. Of course, you run at a higher altitude, distances are bigger and the mountainous field obliges to go up and down important slopes all the time. Moreover, the ground is very unstable for the presence of mud and stones. Even if you are a good runner on a flat field, it is important to be well prepared before starting to practice trail running.


10 tips to practice trail running

  • Group training with experimented people from whom you could learn a lot.
  • Using trail running shoes that guarantee stability, cushioning and grip. Given the kind of field, this is an indispensable requirement to prevent possible lesions.
  • Weather in mountains is really changing. That is why it is necessary to wear adaptive clothing for cold, rain but also heat. It also has to let you move with a total freedom.
  • Train mindfully. Little by little, you will increase the volume and intensity of trainings to adapt yourself muscularly and technically to the mountain.
  • Focus on ascents and descents. They are the most delicate moments of the race. Descending, it is essential to make short and fast steps to control the advance. With short strides, foot reacts faster in case of slip. Placing the hands on your quadriceps can help during ascents.
  • Use your eyes. The look has to be raised and focused forward in order not to get lost and anticipate the itinerary. It is important to see where you step on not to get injured.
  • Hydrate yourself. The effort during a trail running race is important so you need to drink. It is very convenient to carry a rucksack with compartments for liquids.
  • A good sense of orientation is required to run in the mountains. Using a GPS dispositive permits to be sure not going out of the track.
  • If the race is long, it may be advisable to eat energy bars during your trail race to increase your energy levels.
  • In trail running, more than in other sports, it is essential to follow your feelings. If you feel weak, don’t try to explore your limits but if you feel strong, it is the opportunity to go further than you are used to do. It is important to listen to your body to limit the risks of having lesions and especially to enjoy the race.

Big efforts, big benefits

The difficulty of the trail running permits the runners to get important and numerous benefits for their physical, mental and social health: it reduces blood pressure, increases lung capacity, decreases sugar level in blood, relieves stress, helps to raise self-esteem… and much more.

If you decide to start practicing trail running, don’t forget to share your sensations with us!


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