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5 yoga postures to treat back pain

SHA Wellness Clinic
October 24, 2017

Does your work require you to be sitting most of the hours of the day? Do you end up with a backache after a long day of work? It’s time you incorporate some yoga poses into your daily routine to get rid of backache, strengthen the back and core as well as relieve tension. The poses need not be complicated and you can just spare 5-10 minutes of your day to add this easy yet effective exercises into your daily routine. You can either do them first thing in the morning, take a break throughout the day or do them after work.


The Cat & Cow pose

This pose is simple yet very effective at relieving pain and tension accumulated in the back, improving flexibility in the spine, supporting abdominal organs and promoting relaxation in the body. Start by breathing in into cow pose and breathing out into cat pose. Repeat this process at least 5 times.


Spinal Twist


One of the basic and most effective spine twists requires one leg to be extended, the other to be bent over it with the foot lying on the floor, and twisting the back and hooking the arm to the opposing leg, whilst resting the other arm on the floor behind your back. Do this pose alternating both sides, several times.


Upward facing dog

This pose helps relieve lower back pain and stretch out the spine. Do this pose right before downward facing dog to feel the full benefits.


Downward dog

This is one of the most popular yoga poses nearly everyone knows of. It involves full body engagement, making a great posture to improve back strength and pain. Make sure to get this pose right by relaxing your head and neck, spreading your hands wide and creating an inverted V shape by bringing your chest to your knees. Take 5-10 deep breaths whilst in this pose.


Child’s pose

This may be the simplest of poses, yet it’s very effective at relieving tension and stress. It’s perfect to right after challenging your body in downward dog. Stay in this pose for several breaths.


By completing this yoga exercises daily, you’ll notice a great improvement in your back strength and flexibility as well as remove the tension and pain that builds up throughout the day. Give them a try!




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