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Asthma and allergies, how are they related

SHA Wellness Clinic
May 4, 2021

Asthma and allergies: How are they related and how can they be treated?

Although they are theoretically different manifestations, asthma and allergy are often related. Thus, the same things that trigger allergy symptoms (pollen, mites, animal hair, etc.) can also cause signs of asthma. Now that the connection has been established, the next step is how to treat them.

Although allergic asthma is quite common, there are other types of asthma that develop from different types of triggers. Depending on the person and circumstances, asthma can be triggered by factors like exercise, infections, cold air, intestinal disorders and stress. Many people even have more than one type of asthma trigger.

”Poor management of certain respiratory allergies can trigger a chronic response, with a strong bronchial inflammatory component such as asthma”, says Dr. Óscar Mayorga, an expert in Regenerative Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic.


A personalised study is the key to choosing therapy

Knowing what triggers each allergy and asthma symptom and learning how to limit your exposure to them is crucial. But this requires professional help to find the best treatment for managing symptoms.

Most treatments are designed to treat either asthma or allergies. But some therapies help with both conditions. What is important is to carry out a completely personalised preliminary evaluation in order to choose the appropriate therapy, which is what SHA Wellness Clinic does.

”The symptoms traditionally associated with asthma are mainly the manifestations of bronchospasm, such as wheezing on auscultation, dyspnoea and shortness of breath”, emphasises Dr. Óscar Mayorga.

Preventive medicine and a healthy diet

”To avoid the use of these life-saving drugs, which have many side effects, we must intervene at an early stage by avoiding contact with the substances, drugs or foods that trigger the symptoms”, says the SHA Wellness Clinic specialist. ”Some studies and medical practice around the world show the beneficial effects of a natural, vegetarian and macrobiotic diet, as well as incorporating natural medicines in the management of allergies and asthma“, he explains.

For example, cutting out dairy products or including alkaline foods are two great ways to combat the effects of asthma and allergy.


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