BAL: Butt, Abs & Legs
BAL: Butt, Abs & Legs

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BAL: Butt, Abs & Legs

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February 4, 2014

BAL: firm buttocks, six pack abs and perfect legs


What is BAL?

BAL training system comes from the union of three words that define exactly what it is: Butt, Abs and Legs. Practicing BAL consists of a group of exercises dedicated to strengthening and toning these three areas that are often the most affected ir our body by our sedentary lifestyle. The accumulation of fat in these areas is often common, especially in women, and the problems arising from lack of training are the sagging skin, poor circulation and lack of tone.

What are the results of practicing BAL?

Practicing BAL can be somewhat hard at first because very specific exercises are performed in areas that normally we do not exercise thus possibly causing soreness. However, practicing BAL about twice a week for at least one month can bring visible results in our body.

With BAL training we exercise our body from the waist down with very positive results, by practicing BAL training you will achieve perfect legs, tight buttocks, thin waist and flat stomach.

BAL and cardiovascular exercise

The most effective BAL lessons are those that combine exercises that focus on gluteus, abs and legs with global cardiovascular exercises that activate all our body. Normally BAL classes last for about 1 hour and are divided into three phases:

The BAL lessons are more effective when they combine localized exercises of gluteus, abs and legs with global cardiovascular exercises that activate all our body. Normally BAL classes last about1 hour and are divided into three phases:

  • Warm up: 10-15 minutes to start the mobility of our joints and achieve cardiovascular and muscle activation.
  • BAL Training: about 30 minutes in which, depending on the personal trainer, the three areas will be worked back to back (legs, buttocks and abdominal finally) or different exercises will be interspersed to allow the recovery of the muscle trained before the next exercise.
  • Stretching: 10 minutes dedicated to stretching and relaxing the muscles previously trained to protect our body and avoid muscle soreness as far as possible.
Benefits of BAL

In addition to toning and strengthening your gluteus, abs and legs and therefore beautify the lower part of our body, BAL provides other benefits such as:

  • Correct spinal deviations and improve posture
  • Improving resilience and strength of our body
  • Avoid and prevent urinary incontinence

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