Best Fall Spa Treatment
Best Fall Spa Treatment

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Best Fall Spa Treatment

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November 5, 2013

Top Beauty Treatment for Fall

Fall is a season when our skin regenerates itself and requires little care and hydration to recover after the attacks to which we have submitted it in summer and to prepare adequately for the cold winter.

In addition to following our usual beauty routine of cleansing and moisturizing, the health and beauty experts recommend that we submit our skin to an intense process of exfoliation and proper hydration, a complete beauty and spa treatment for fall that leaves our skin just perfect.

Amazon Dreams

For this, today we recommend a complete spa body treatment, performed with Maria Galland products, which has been specifically designed to recover the skin after the summer and prepare it for winter due to extremely effective active principles, which is achieved while providing a deep relaxation and restore inner harmony through a sensory journey to the depths of the Amazon jungle. The ritual lasts about two hours and consists of five steps that make it the best beauty & spa treatment for the fall.

1. Relaxing bath

First, the person is immersed in a bath of essential oils whose scents make you start to feel the spirit of the Amazon due to the effect of aromatherapy in this beauty fall treatment.

winter relaxing bath

2. Deep exfoliation

After the relaxing bath, it makes a deep skin exfoliation using a body scrub made from Macadamia nuts and shea butter with highly purifying and nourishing powers to clean and prepare the skin, removing debris accumulated during the summer (sunscreen, external attacks, etc..) and favoring its subsequent regeneration.

natural body skin exfoliation

3. Body relaxing massage

Here, guests will enjoy a relaxing body massage with dual rollers made ​​of bamboo wood and oils and scents to help you continue your sensory journey through the jungle thanks to the benefits of aromatherapy oils while serving to skin preparation process facing the intensive hydration and nutrition.

relaxing massage

4. Nourishing wrap

The fourth step of the beauty ritual is a bubbling effect wrap and enigmatic made ​​with mud from the Amazon with a high capacity for nutrition and skin regeneration.

nourishing body wrap
5. Refreshing mosturizer

And finally, after removing the body wrap using a revitalizing shower, apply a refreshing moisturizer with powerful active ingredients that leaves skin soft with a pleasant aroma. A top spa treatment to leave skin soft and perfect for the cold.

refreshing mosturizer

In short, a full spa treatment desgined to active senses of those who have the opportunity to enjoy it, bringing them through this sensory journey into a deep state of relaxation in which the active ingredients and exotic fragrances make them discover the shocking nature of Amazon.

If you want to enjoy this and other spa and beauty treatments do not miss our exclusive fall promotion in SHA Wellness Clinic.

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