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Body & Mind Balance through meditation

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June 30, 2017

Body & Mind Balance combine, through meditation, a relaxation technique of which the advantages have been scientifically proven. Among its many benefits it provides greater creativity and awareness, reinforces and stimulates areas of the brain related to joy and happiness, reduces blood pressure and stimulates your immune system.

Defining meditation is somewhat complex, since it is a very subjective concept and is interpreted by each person in a particular way. Thus, for some it may have spiritual and religious connotations, while for others it is an intellectual technique that serves to quell the inner bustle and achieve emotionally positive states.

Objectives of meditation

With meditation, each person can pursue a different goal. However, among the most common are, for example, mysticism, that is, the development of the consciousness of unity with the whole.
Another of the objectives is related to mental rest. Through meditation we can calm the mind and make it free from day-to-day worries.

In addition, we can stimulate the mechanisms of self-healing and concentration. Thanks to meditation it is possible to improve our memory and to increase our intellectual capacities.
Finally, we can say that it is an ideal technique for relaxation. It helps sleep better and reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

Whatever the reason someone decides to start meditating, the consequence will always be similar: a physical and mental state of inner peace, serenity, creativity and concentration.
Because of all this, meditation is highly recommended to improve our day-to-day life and our lives in general.

How to achieve them

It is important to know how to meditate to achieve goals and benefits. Therefore, the practice of guided meditation is a good tip. In this sense, a wellness spa can be an ideal place. It is a place where many natural therapies and relaxation techniques are put into practice, such as reiki or yoga. In short, it is not just a spa hotel, but much more.

Among others, meditation techniques include breathing. Induction to a state of concentration by means of breathing is one of the methods most commonly used by the main streams. It consists of repeatedly carrying out specific exercises through which we focus entirely on our breathing.

In another of the possible techniques, the colour or an object is used so that our attention is centred on them until the mind gradually calms down and reaches a meditative state.

Finally, we can look at sound. Many civilisations have chosen the different sound waves in order to induce states of concentration, either mystical or spiritual.
In conclusion, it is a technique used by an increasing number of people due to the many benefits they obtain from it.


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