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Detox diets: before and after

SHA Wellness Clinic
September 25, 2017

Detox diets have become the method of choice for those who want to rid their body of toxins. Did you know that when we detoxify, our general health improves? These diets are a natural way to transform all harmful waste products stored in the body and to eliminate them through feces and urine.

Surely on more than one occasion, you’ve heard of detox or purification diets, but do you really know what they consist of and how they can benefit your health?

What makes up a detox diet?

These diets are planned eating programs designed to rid toxins from a specific part of the human body, such as the colon. The diets last for a brief period of time and they have diverse benefits for the individuals who follow them.

The essence of a purification diet is to supply nutrients that increase the frequency of bowel movements and urination. We should keep in mind that we usually eat food that’s not so healthy, which ends up damaging our body’s ability to eliminate harmful compounds lodged in our body. With this kind of nutrition, the body reacts positively and this encourages our body to clean itself.

Signs of excess toxins

How do we know if we need a detox diet? The body sends us several symptoms that we should worry about, such as:

– Bodily swelling.

– Continuous fatigue.

– Tendency to catch colds.

– Digestive problems.

– Skin problems.

– Appearance of allergies.

– Hormonal imbalances.

– General metabolic failures.

Turning to a purification diet helps cleanse the body and, therefore, to repair it and keep it in good condition. This way, it improves the general state of health, an essential factor so that you feel better both physically and emotionally.

Benefits of the detox diet

The long list of positive effects of purification or detox diets includes:

– Increased level of physical energy.

– Higher level of mental alertness.

– Better skin appearance.

– A stronger immune system.

– Better functioning of the digestive system.

– Help in changing habits:, this is the first step to keeping a healthier diet.

Detox foods

What do you eat if you decide to do a detox diet? Primarily seasonal fruits and vegetables in the form of shakes, combined with fiber-rich foods. In other words, all kinds of seasonal vegetables and fruits combined with rice, vegetables, some nuts and some seeds.

Water in large quantities is another fundamental element to follow these kinds of diets.

With all these ingredients and a blender, you can prepare your favourite detox juices. Be daring and blend different flavours!

When ending the diet

If you have decided to do a purification diet, you must keep in mind that when you end it, you have to try to reorient your eating habits to a healthier and less strict diet. Forgetting fried foods and similarly prepared foods is an essential step to avoid falling back into ingesting excess toxins.

Incorporating detox diets into your health routine at each change of season is an important step for taking care of your body and improving its functioning. Are you up for eating this healthy for a few days?

If you’re interested in doing a specialized detox treatment, I recommend theSHA Detox Treatment: it allows your body to detoxify and rid itself of the accumulated toxins, thus recovering your energy and vitality.

By combining a detoxifying diet, natural therapies and physical exercise along with our detox treatment, you’ll be able to purify your body.


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