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Discover the first edition of SHA Healthy Fest

SHA Wellness Clinic
December 13, 2022
Held on 2 and 3 December, it included talks, workshops, healthy cooking classes, and acupuncture and yoga sessions, among other activities.

A commitment to sharing and disseminating the knowledge needed for everyone to be able to improve their health and well-being has been part of SHA’s DNA since opening its doors in 2008. In fact, SHA was born specifically with this aim: for its renowned Integrative Method to reach as many people as possible. This is why it created the Healthy Living Academy, a space where group activities—both physical and mentally-stimulating ones—are carried out and where guests can learn to achieve their optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health with healthy lifestyle habits.

This is also the purpose of SHA Magazine, a publication in which SHA experts provide healthy recommendations covering the different areas of its Integrative Method, from nutrition and cognitive health to physical exercise and preventive medicine. The latest tool to join this awareness-raising initiative is SHA Healthy Fest, an event for sharing health and wellness advice with the local community. Without a doubt, it is here to stay.

The first edition of SHA Healthy Fest was a success thanks to everyone involved: the Alfaz del Pi Town Council, which provided the Playa Del Albir Community Centre and collaborated with spreading the word about the event; the local community, including nearly 200 people who attended activities and talks; and SHA’s multidisciplinary team, which shared both knowledge and treatments with the participants. Philippa Harvey, an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, spoke about the benefits of TCM and held private acupuncture sessions. Andrés Morán, SHA’s head chef, held two master classes on healthy cooking—one on savoury foods and another on baked goods—with a delicious tasting afterwards. María Romeralo, a nutritionist, gave a talk on how to strengthen our immune system with food and how to prepare an energy-boosting breakfast to kick off our day with our batteries recharged. Doctor Paloma, a specialist in integrative medicine and psychiatry, also held a workshop on emotion coaching, and there was time for mind and body activities like sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls and a yoga session, too.

Luis Morant, councillor for tourism and the environment, and Marisa Cortés, councillor for social welfare— both from the Alfaz del Pi Town Council—attended the event, which was inaugurated by Alfredo Bataller Parietti, SHA’s chairman and founder, and Vicente Arques, mayor of Alfaz del Pi.

In addition to the treatments and activities, SHA Healthy Fest attendees could enjoy a selection of healthy snacks and drinks, such as olive and rosemary focaccia, apple and almond muffins, carrot and apple juice, and beetroot and green apple juice.

In short, SHA Healthy Fest is not just a two-day event where you can learn and practise healthy lifestyle habits that will allow you to reach your full potential; it is the first step to improving your overall health and enjoying a higher-quality lifestyle that boosts your longevity.


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