You can dance!

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If you don’t like sports… dance!

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December 26, 2014

If you don’t like going to the gym nor doing exercise you are not the only one, don’t worry, many people are in the same situation. If you are at the gym suffering and looking at the time every 5 minutes, definitively it is not your passion. Thankfully there are some alternatives to exercise… and dancing is one of them!

Learning a new dancing style will be a challenge and as long as you see your progresses, it will motivate you. The easiest thing to begin as soon as possible is to look for dancing lessons offered in your nearest gym.

If your schedules are very complicated and you can’t go to dancing lessons, you can go out to dance with your friends occasionally. Besides of spending a nice time together, you will be doing exercise… If your friends don’t usually go dancing, you can play music you love at home and dance… you will see how stressless it is!

Here are some dancing ideas:


It origin is Colombian, and has become very fashionable lately. You can find this discipline In almost every gym. Based on latin rhythms such as cumbia,reggaeton etc. It’s very aerobic, and luckily is not necessary to be coordinated. Each one follows the steps and adapts the best as possible. It is not a couple dance and you can burn many calories in one session. The aim is to support a healthy body besides improving flexibility.



As we are in Spain we must mention Flamenco, so characteristic of this land, and traditional from Andalusia. There is controversy about its origin, but it has always been associated to the gypsy ethnic group. The bracing, hands and fingers are things you will have to handle very well to be able to dance.






Besides from being a dance it is also a musical genre. Originally from Buenos Aires and Montevideo (Uruguay). We must warn you that it is a very complicated dance, and you dance with a couple. Needs lots of complicity and sensuality with the other one.


You can dance



From Sha Wellness Clinic we hope that all these options motivate you to start dancing, you don’t have excuses now!


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