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Energetic health: vitality, balance and optimisation with electromagnetic waves

SHA Wellness Clinic
November 3, 2020

The concept of energetic health has reached another level in these days when a strong immune system is essential to meet the challenges of a world full of external threats. Vitality, coherence and balance for the new challenges and a cutting-edge therapy: Balance Treatment with Far Infrared

“Energy health is observing health from an electromagnetic point of view, with this energy being the fuel that the body needs to live and be productive, with a vision of the human being that contemplates body-mind and emotions as a whole”, explains Amalia Rubio, head of our Energy Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Electromagnetic processes are part of our biology and all the processes carried out by cells, systems and tissues produce and require energy to be carried out. The proper functioning of physiological systems, organs and cells depends on the electrical balance that conditions the chemical reactions in the body to make us feel good and full of vitality.
“Energy health is a state in which we radiate vitality, coherence and balance. It occurs when we are aligned at all our levels: physical, mental and emotional,” says Amalia Rubio.

SHA and an integrated diagnostic system

At SHA we accompany people to optimise their energy health through an integrated diagnostic system to assess their energy status and treatment based solely on electromagnetic waves.
“We use measurements of the human electromagnetic field itself to evaluate the person’s state of health, including the use of totally personalised, non-invasive treatment techniques based on electromagnetic waves to balance the imbalances detected,” says Amalia Rubio.

The Far Infrared Balance Treatment consists of a combination of different devices with different ranges of action. Depending on the frequency and the waveform used, different effects and benefits are achieved in the body. Some of these are
– Increased energy.
– Balance of the nervous system.
– Greater relaxation and reduction of stress.
– Support and reinforcement of the body’s detoxification processes.
– Activation of the metabolism and vitality.
– Reinforcement of the immune system.
– Support for different organs, systems and meridians.
– And more…

How it is applied and for whom it is intended

The Far Infrared Balance treatment employs a combination of three devices. First, Far Infrared Heat, a systemic device that simultaneously works the entire back where the main organs to be treated are located.
At the same time, the pulsating electromagnetic field mat is used with the programme that is personalised to you after the consultation. This, together with the emission of the far-infrared at the specific frequency, proposes a perfect synergy.
“After an estimated time of between 15 and 20 minutes, the second part of the session is carried out by connecting the patient to the Bioresonance System to perform the electromagnetic balance, a system of frequencies also personalised after the health assessment. We strengthen and activate the electrical frequency of the points, organs, systems and tissues to be improved.

This is a therapy that will decisively help us to treat people with problems and needs such as
– Stress.
– Fatigue / chronic fatigue.
– Insomnia.
– Anxiety.
– Support in Detoxification processes
– Strengthening the immune system
– Regulation of Metabolism.
“In general, it is indicated for all people interested in knowing how their body’s energy levels are, with the aim of visualising the existence of any imbalance or vulnerability and treating it early as a preventive measure”, summarises our specialist.


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