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Energy bars recipe

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June 10, 2020

Today’s recipe involves a superfood with great nutritional content: COCOA. In its raw form, it has plenty of nutrients that will be great for you.

Preparation time

[:es]15 minutos[:en]15 minutes[:]




– Pistachio paste (90 gr)
– Dried cranberry (50 gr)
– Lyophilized cranberries (10 gr)
– Lyophilized strawberries (10 gr)
– Sugar-free dark chocolate coating, 70% (300 gr)


1) Bain-marie melt the cocoa.
2) Add to the melted cocoa and mix well the pistachio paste, the dried cranberries, the lyophilized raspberries and strawberries and the organic dark chocolate coating (70% and sugar-free).
3) Spread the mixture into moulds
4) Finally, cool in the refrigerator until it’s hard
5) Enjoy!


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