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Enjoy a balanced diet

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October 2, 2017

People are talking more and more about balanced diets, natural food, herbal infusions, customized meal plans, physical exercise, veganism, and just taking better care of themselves every day.

What is a Biolight diet?

We are going to explain the origins and indications of this diet that takes hotel dining to a new level.

The Biolight diet is of medium strictness and is specially designed for guests of the SHA Wellness Clinic hotel, where you take a bit better care of yourself than usual. You will learn everything you need to eat healthfully and the benefits you can obtain from doing so without the stress of weight-loss programs.

It is a menu designed to supplement our anti-stress, rejuvenation, and anti-smoking programs. Lunch consists of a first and second course and a dessert, if required, and dinner consists of a first and second course only.

In addition to being a very healthy menu, it includes pasta a couple of times each week, nuts, fish three times a week, and oil.

Composition and nutritional information

This diet is based on the principle of Yin and Yang and features natural foods like seaweed, soy, and whole grains, just to name a few. In other words, products that are locally grown, seasonal, and not processed.

It is very important to customize the diet based on each person’s individual circumstances, always following the advice of a professional.

The difference between this and a traditional diet can be seen in the main ingredients:

The main products in a Biolight diet may include the daily consumption of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, seaweed, and pickles. A traditional diet, meanwhile, may include rice, pasta, meat, chicken, the same amount of water as bread or grains, fruits and vegetables, eggs and fish, dairy products, and small amounts of sweets and fats.

You must eat fruits, nuts, fish, seafood, and seeds every week. Every month you may choose to eat eggs, red meat, poultry, and dairy.

The Biolight diet contains between 900 and 1000 daily calories and is recommended for anyone who wants to do a cleanse, so you won’t lose weight or feel hungry.

What are the benefits of eating this way?

The goal of the diet is to learn to eat in a more healthy and balanced way, and to incorporate some physical activity for better quality of life. The benefits you may see from this balanced diet include greater energy and vitality, less acidity in the body, better absorption and digestion, more refreshing sleep, and great improvements to your mental clarity and memory. It also helps prevent constipation, improves your lymphatic and blood circulation, reduces psychological stress, and boosts the immune system.

At SHA Wellness Clinic, we recommend the Antistress Program to find balance and reduce the daily stress that affects our health.


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