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facial exercises

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Facial exercises

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February 3, 2015

Facial exercises mobilize the neck muscles and are the natural way to rejuvenate facial features.

Key 1: its effects are noticeable if done consistently
Key 2: Some Physical therapists claim that the practice of these exercises can reshape the face
Key 3: During the facial and neck muscle exercise all cell functions are stimulated. Is the best time to apply cream.


ejercicios faciales


Do facial exercises reduce or create wrinkles?

It’s known as isometric facial gymnastics because it is based on the principle of exercising a particular contraction and repeat it unlimitedly. That’s how the muscle burns fat, increasing the elasticity.

A good blood supply is achieved, which promotes skin oxygenation, and balances the basal functions of the skin. That cell activity results in the production of collagen and elastic chains, slowing the formation of small lines, but not creating more wrinkles.
Clean the skin deeply before performing facial exercises for best results. The exercises will be more effective if you use a loofah mitt throughout the area. If you have very delicate or sensitive skin can replace the mitt with a rough towel, which also stimulates blood flow.

Fight against double chin

The skin in this area is very thin and flat, so it responds effectively to exercise. Gymnastics leaves the neck smoother and stretches the skin, prevents the formation of a second chin (or reduces it when already formed), slows the formation of wrinkles and prevents sagging area. To achieve this it is sufficient to perform an exaggerated contraction of the smile, opening the lips and stretching the tightening the teeth. Repeat the exercise 20 times a day.




Magic Massages

Frictions that stimulate regeneration: they are performed with a horizontal movement, sliding your fingers over the skin of the forehead.

Pressure that tones: One of the most invigorating massage is the one concerning pressure points of energy. This massage is done with the fingertips and the pressure takes a snapshot of blood inflow. The result is a massage with dramatic and beneficial tonic effects on the skin.


Do Facial Massages rejuvenate?

Of course they do!

There are many types of massage that differ mainly in the movement, pressure and touching speed.

Friction heats the skin and makes it more fluffy, increases blood microcirculation, reducing the furrows of wrinkles. The effects of massage start to be seen after three weeks of regular practice.


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