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Five benefits of turning exercise into a routine

SHA Wellness Clinic
January 19, 2021

Practicing physical exercise is synonymous with health, but its benefits are only maximised if it becomes a habit. It is not a question of submitting ourselves to marathons every day, but rather of introducing physical activity into our daily routine.

At SHA Wellness Clinic we design the system that best suits each health need in order to achieve the proposed goals. In this way, we can achieve multiple physical and mental benefits, both in the short and medium term. Five of the most important ones are shown here:


  1. Weight control

Studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle is a major factor in weight gain and obesity. Regular exercise will increase our metabolic rate, burning more calories and helping us to lose or control our weight.

The key is to combine aerobic exercise with resistance training, as this can maximise fat loss without losing muscle mass.


  1. Strengthen your muscles and bones

Routine exercise plays a vital role in maintaining strong muscles and bones. The ageing process leads to a loss of muscle mass and function, which can result in injury and disability.

On the other hand, exercise has been shown to help develop bone density in the younger stages of life and help prevent osteoporosis in the future.


  1. Improvement of mental health

Healthy mind, healthy body, and vice versa, because exercise contributes significantly to improving our brain function and protecting memory and cognitive skills.

When we are physically active, what we do is increase our heart rate, which promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to our brain. In the same way, it also stimulates the production of hormones that help improve the growth of brain cells.

Physical activity made into a habit is vitally important for older adults. For example, exercise has been shown to reduce the changes in the brain that can cause Alzheimer’s disease or schizophrenia.


  1. Prevention of the risk of chronic diseases

Exercising not only provides visible improvements in your physical or mental state, it also acts on a preventive level. For example, it reduces the risk of suffering from chronic diseases in the future.

It has been confirmed that a lack of regular physical activity is one of the main causes of suffering from a chronic disease. Conversely, regular exercise has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular fitness while reducing blood pressure and blood fat levels.

In the short term, a sedentary lifestyle will exponentially increase the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes and heart disease, becoming a major risk factor for our health.


  1. Happiness

This is not a subjective issue, but an objective one: exercising makes you happier. Several studies have shown that exercise significantly improves our mood and reduces negative feelings such as depression, anxiety and stress.

With physical activity, changes occur in the parts of the brain that regulate stress and anxiety. It can also increase sensitivity to serotonin and norepinephrine, hormones that help relieve feelings of depression, and stimulate the production of endorphins, known to help produce positive feelings and reduce the perception of pain.

Best of all, our mood improves regardless of the intensity of the physical activity. It’s not a matter of time, but of just doing it.


Focused Fitness Pack

At SHA Wellness Clinic we have designed a variety of specialisation packs focused on various specific health objectives, which allow us to complement and strengthen the Rebalance programme.

The Focused Fitness Pack allows us, under a multidimensional perspective, to increase the level of physical activity in general, increasing muscle tone and power, joint functionality and vitality. By applying different techniques and functional training, we outline your programme in accordance with the goal set in order to obtain more rigorous results and to improve certain aspects of your body and your general state of health, optimising the time available.

Skills, abilities and a series of personalised recommendations are acquired, creating maintenance habits and ensuring continued training once the stay at SHA is over.


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