Genetic Medicine to treat menopause

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Genetic Medicine to treat menopause

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January 26, 2017

It is well established that the changes that come with menopause for women can be quite difficult to manage. There’s a variety of changes that the females go through during menopause that present themselves through different symptoms, like changes in mood, mood swings, depression, lower libido, night sweats, heat flushes, weight gain, high cholesterol levels, etc. To manage these symptoms, quite commonly women undergo hormone replacement therapy, especially in Western countries. In Eastern medicine however, they treat menopause with a holistic approach, like Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM focuses on an individual’s health condition, tailoring their treatment to their individual needs.

The problem with hormone replacement therapy is that the treatments are generic and don’t necessarily adapt to a women’s individual state. Therefore, in order to realize the safest hormonal therapy replacement possible, we offer genetic tests that optimise the results and provide security to our guests. We believe that if women decide to treat themselves with hormone replacement therapy, they should have a personalised treatment catered to their needs. When we analyse our genes related to hormone metabolism, like oestrogen and progesterone, we can find that each person requires different therapies. It’s important to find out which patients would benefit from this treatment and which would be at risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. That’s why it’s crucial to individualise each person’s replacement therapy. Our motto is that “you can’t prescribe the same treatment to everyone”. We don’t recommend a standard dosage in all cases because human beings are not made “in a standard way”.

The genetic test that we carry out is very useful to advise our patients with the use of hormones and the appropriate administration and dosage of these. This study also includes information about nutrigenetics, which provides nutritional recommendations that are very useful to accomplish a better hormonal metabolism.

It’s very important to take nutrition into account when improving our hormone metabolism. The macrobiotic diet has a positive impact when considering this aspect. The benefits of this diet when dealing with metabolic and hormonal syndromes are very promising. In our experience, you can achieve improvements in very little time and with very positive results in the long run. It’s important to always have in mind that “food is your medicine”.

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