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Global Wellness Day in SHA

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June 9, 2016

Global Wellness Day will be celebrated on the 11th of June. This event, organized all around the world, is essentially dedicated to well being.

What is Global Wellness Day?

Almost every year we celebrate the international day of something: mother’s day, coeliac day, non-smoking day… but strangely enough it was not until last year that we started celebrating something that is so important to everybody, wellbeing. This event was created with the aim of making awareness on the importance of some healthy habits to drive us to a better life and is celebrated every second Saturday of June.

This social project is organized by several volunteers dedicated to promote wellness. The goal of this event is taking time, at least once a year, to wonder how to live a better and healthier life. It permits to raise awareness about repercussion and the importance of prevention and wellness in our health. This reflection has to lead us to recognize the value of our lives, to free us from stress and bad habits.

It lasts just one day but it is enough to focus on wellness and to think about all the benefits it can bring us; in order to find the motivation to maintain a healthy way of life during the other 364 days of the year.


SHA joins Global Wellness Day

SHA considers wellness as a crucial part of our lives. One of our missions is to permit our hosts and readers to live better and with better health, so we were excited to join Global Wellness Day! During this special day, our guests as well as our team will take part to the celebration of this particular event.

Several activities have been designed to allow anyone to participate and to take the opportunity to think how to have a more relaxing and healthier life. Among them, we can stand out shiatsu and yoga sessions, Thai massages and healthy smoothie samples.


We also want to encourage you to take time for you this 11th of June and think about how to include wellness in your routine to increase your life quality.

You can visit the officel website and follow all the activities performed all over the world through #GlobalWellnessDay


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