Health benefits of practising paddle
Health benefits of practising paddle

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Health benefits of practising paddle

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March 19, 2013

The paddle, like any sport, provides many health benefits. In the case of paddle, we do not only improve our fitness condition and burn calories, which helps us to get fit, but also we improve our coordination of movements, our agility and our reflexes while we tone our body. Being an essentially aerobic sport, paddle helps improve our cardiovascular system and prevent possible heart diseases.

In addition, injuries are less common than in many other sports, as it exercises the whole body and the movements are quite controlled, but sometimes it can cause injuries by poor posture. It is therefore important, as in all sports, to warm up before going out to be sure our muscles are prepared for the effort, and to stretch when we finish the paddle game.

Although it has the same scoring system that tennis and they are quite similar, paddle is played in a smaller court (10x20m) that require more agility movements and reflexes to hit the ball on time, and is played with quite specific blades instead of traditional racquets.

Paddle and tennis court at SHA Wellness Clinic

The paddle game is based on short leg movements in all directions, coordination and use of both arms to correctly hit the ball and it is further characterized by prefetching the next play so that, besides an adequate development of our psychomotricity, it also requires an agile and awakaned mind.

One of the main reasons which led to the success of the paddle is that it’s really easy to play and it’s not a sport that requires achieving a high level of technique to enjoy it, but with a few sessions you can have medium level and fully enjoy the game.

In addition, another of its main advantages is that the paddle is a sport that you can play almost any age without assuming too physical exhaustion. From children starting at school to seniors who want to play sports outdoors actively without undergoing physical excesses.

But besides that the paddle is very beneficial to our physical health, it is also good for our mental health. It is one of the most social sports of the moment because it is usually played in pairs and normally we can meet new people with similar interests and share experiences with them. For many, the most important thing is that the paddle is a fun sport that motivates and helps us feel better, clear our heads, focus on the game during that time and forget the problems and tensions of everyday life, eliminating stress and accumulated anxiety.

Health benefits of paddle

Do you play paddle?


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