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Healthy Ageing Programme

SHA Wellness Clinic
January 31, 2020

Slow down biological ageing for a longer and fuller life with our Healthy Ageing programme.


  • Optimise health by delaying or reducing the effects of ageing.
  • To determine the indicators of your biological age and compare it to your chronological age, as well as the factors that could have a negative impact on your quality of life.
  • Combine knowledge of natural therapies, Asian medicine, nutrition and the latest advances in medicine, both diagnostic and therapeutic, to enhance your results.
  • Learn new healthy habits that optimise your general state of health and wellbeing.


7 – 14 days

Recommended for

  • People interested in improving their physical appearance and vitality.
  • People who, due to genetic causes, bad habits or pathological processes, have a biological age greater than their chronological age, and who wish to slow down their biological clock with a global approach.
  • Those who perceive that they are suffering from health problems caused by the natural ageing process and wish to incorporate knowledge, techniques, eating habits and supplements to slow down the process.


Trying to reverse biological imbalances and objectively controlling the process, medical consultations are carried out with specialists in areas such as genetics and anti-ageing, derma-aesthetics, regenerative medicine, cognitive stimulation, revitalising medicine, energy health, among others. In addition, staff recommend supplements.

  • Determination of biological age, oxidative stress level, as well as other indicators obtained through various clinical analyses and diagnostic tests.
  • A food plan and personalised health plan.
  • Physical exercise with personalised training and sessions of body and mind disciplines.
  • Natural therapies, medical or technological treatments.
  • Lifestyle recommendations, with activities that enable learning new healthy habits.

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