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The Science behind Healthy Ageing

For SHA Wellness Clinic
April 30, 2019
Health & Beauty

Vicente Mera - Healthy Aging & Genetic Doctor

Ageing is a process that begins at the very beginning of life. Non-living beings don’t age, but instead simply deteriorate over time. People both age and deteriorate (get sick). As ageing progresses, the risk of getting sick becomes greater. However, we are under the impression that ageing only starts once we are adults.

Studies show that a mother’s lifestyle (i.e. exercise, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, vitamins, etc.) can speed up or slow down the entire ageing process from the very beginning of our lives.

The battle against ageing is a complicated one, and not one that we’re certain to win with science. However, turning ageing into a healthier process is something that we can do on a day to day basis by anticipating all the imbalances that occur as a consequence of the ageing process, which can create critical conflicts for our health.

The do’s and don’ts of ageing includes nine factors, although individual genetic makeup matters and our genes are susceptible to numerous changes.

We must evaluate the circumstances in depth and also be able to adapt to an individual’s needs, such as nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, purification of toxins, the immune system, the complex hormonal framework, the mechanisms of hydration and repair, intestinal flora, and sleep.

Any age is good one to start the anti-ageing program. Before the age of 30, you’ll get better results and find it easier to do than if you wait until you’re 40. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that it’s never too late. To cure is difficult, while prevention is easier. Yet, relief is always possible. This is especially true when it comes to memory, muscle mass loss, osteoporosis and hair loss.

Although the ageing process is essentially the same for both sexes, hormonal differences make it necessary to separate men and women for some studies and treatments. For example, the modern shockwave techniques available at SHA for treating erectile dysfunction are not of direct concern to women, while the study of gynaecological cytology isn’t relevant for men.

SHA Wellness Clinic is a world-class reference due to its integrative approach to anti-ageing. It holds a leading laboratory for genetic and genomic studies of all kinds, and has extensive experience in the sleep laboratory. Its study of intestinal flora and digestive intolerances is one of the most complete in the world. Treatment with bioidentical hormones for men and women is a possible reality in many cases we see. Immunomodulation and regenerative medicine interventions are a daily practice at SHA. Its anti-smoking unit has successfully helped numerous people not only to momentarily give up the habit, but to truly quit smoking on a continuous basis. The clinc’s purifying programs are improved with various treatments based on healthy eating and supplements using natural products, many of which are exclusively available at SHA. The Stress Control Unit, with its ancient Eastern techniques combined with the latest adavanced treatments (some developed by NASA), achieves spectacular results. And lastly, its team of personal trainers and nutritionists achieve great transformations for those whose lifestyle is proven to be incompatible with the healthy ageing process.

At SHA, we don’t offer temporary solutions, but rather real lasting lifestyle changes. Changes that prevent illnesses, provide satisfaction and happiness for those who follow our recommendations, and offer loved ones the possibility of enjoying the company of a healthy person for many years to come.

Because of the very nature of the ageing process, with varying degrees of variability and efficacy for each individual, we recommend that intensive studies and treatments be carried out at regular intervals – ideally annually.


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