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Healthy recipe: Wild seabass with braised vegetables

SHA Wellness Clinic
December 11, 2014

Today’s healthy recipe is: wild seabass on celery pureé with braised vegetables. Is there anything healthier than fish with vegetables? Ad it’s also tasty! You can find both on this healthy recipe… The myth that fish is a very complete food for the human being is completely true.

The fish possesses a great dose of nutrients, few fats and few calories. It has some nutrients that helps concentration, memory and intellectual performance. It’s rich in proteins and iron. Fish is an excellent energetic value for the organism and in addition, it reduces hearts attacks risks.

Fish can be part of a low calories diet if it’s cooked on a simple way.

Let’s start!


Ingredients (for 1 person):

Seabass 36 grs.



Broccoli 60 grs.

Asparagus 50 grs.

Carrots 60 grs.

Chirivia 40 grs.

Daikon turnip 60 grs.


Cellery mash:

Cellery ball 86 grs.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10 ml.

Truffle Oil 0,13 ml.


  • Clean the fish of scales and fillet.
  • Mark in the pan on the part of the skin until it is bronze.
  • Turn round the fish and mark it during a minute. Keep it aside.
  • Peel the vegetables and turn them.
  • Whiten the vegetables and grill them.
  • Keep aside in a tray.
  • Peel the celery and cook in abundant water.
  • Pass the celery by the crushing machine and add Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Truffle Oil.
  • Set in a plate as it is indicated in the picture.



We hope you like this healthy recipe of Restaurant Shamadi at SHA Wellness Clinic. Also remember you can find some of the ingredients to do this recipe in SHA Boutique.

Take advantage of this recipe because besides being healthy is very simple in the preparation!


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