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Home is Where The Health is

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September 26, 2019

With mobile health technologies attracting record levels of investment, the possibilities for monitoring and even diagnosing our own health, from home or on the move, are advancing like never before.

Healthcare has emerged from its slow-lane status, where it dawdled with queues and bureaucracy for a generation, into a super highway of dynamic growth. The blueprints that sent us to clinics and hospitals to dutifully wait in line are being torn up in favor of flexible, responsive systems that offer all the convenience consumers expect in a digital age.

Advances in technology and increasing patient power mean healthcare is heading home – artificial intelligence, algorithms, telehealth and Smart design are just some of the movements that are enabling the public to connect with diagnoses from their own houses or while on the move.

This fluid age of connectivity mean people can capitalise on mountains of data to create healthier futures. The health sector is already awash with influences from commerce and retail, which pioneer the use of technology to service their customers. And research has shown that the public is willing to discard traditional methods of medical contact in favour of virtual consultations and telehealth connections.


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Illustrations: Sergio Membrillas


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