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How chronic stress affects energetic health

SHA Wellness Clinic
December 1, 2022
Incorrect emotional management consumes, weakens and unbalances the electromagnetic fields of the organism.

Lack of vitality, tiredness, apathy, fatigue… These are just some of the most common symptoms caused by chronic stress. As Amalia Rubio, head of SHA Wellness Clinic’s Energy Health Unit, tells us: “stress is a natural mechanism that we need to live. But when it stops being a one-off response, becomes chronic and is not well managed, it produces all kinds of imbalances in the organism, including energetic imbalances. Stress has a direct impact on energy performance and affects the general state of health and, when prolonged over time, generates abnormalities in homeostasis, which is the set of mechanisms that the human body has to self-regulate and maintain a stable internal environment.

From the bioenergetic and Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, every cell, tissue, organ and system of the organism needs energy to carry out its functions correctly and, when carrying them out, they also produce it. But when we are constantly stressed, they demand more energy consumption which, without the right lifestyle habits, is difficult to recover. As Amalia explains: “chronic stress has a direct impact on cell frequency and voltage. With every chemical reaction, the body generates internal electromagnetic fields, such as the piezoelectricity of bones during exercise, the heartbeat, breathing, digestion or cellular metabolism, which are seriously affected. In addition, stress wreaks havoc on the immune system because the cortisol released inhibits the immune response, making us more vulnerable to infection. The reason is that because we are so low energetically, our electromagnetic field is weakened and the ability to defend ourselves against external factors is diminished”.

SHA’s Energetic Health Unit has Prognos, a non-invasive diagnostic system that integrates different technologies that work in synergy and that makes it possible to measure, evaluate and treat the energetic state of the organism. “It is a very complete tool that is used both to prevent and treat energetic blockages through external electromagnetic fields. This technology detects imbalances before they become an issue, so we can correct them, recover weak points and compensate for those that are altered, thus avoiding future pathologies“, concludes the expert.


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