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How do chemical products damage hair?

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How do chemical products damage hair?

SHA Wellness Clinic
October 31, 2017

The change of season is in full swing and we all know the affect it can have on our hair. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly, though. Seasonal hair loss is a reality that materializes with the loss of about 100 hairs per day. But before analysing hairbrushes and pillows, we should ask ourselves if our hair routine is healthy during the 365 days of the year.

The goal is to achieve hair that is shiny, manageable and frizz less. The shampoos, conditioners and leave on treatments that we use on a regular basis contain hydrating ingredients. Whilst they can be strong cleansers, in many cases they are also very abrasive and can irritate the scalp, causing weakened hair and potential hair loss. If we use these products regularly, in the long run, we’re going to achieve the contrary effect than what we are looking for: frizzy, shine less hair that gets greasy quickly, as well as an irritated scalp and more fragile capillary fibres, causing the hair to break more easily.


Tips to protect the hair

El especialista capilar, Dr. José María Ricart, head of the Hair Health unit at SHA Wellness Clinic has shared what you should look out for when choosing a shampoo that doesn’t damage your hair health:


  1. Use shampoos that don’t contain ammonium sulphate. It’s an abrasive detergent that produces a lot of foam but on the other hand, completely removes all the essential oils that naturally make the hair shinier and healthier. In fact, this component damages the proteins present in the hair and makes it harder for hair to grow. It’s better to use shampoos that contain natural formulas that aren’t abrasive and despite not creating as much foam, clean the hair efficiently and contribute to its wellbeing.
  2. Use conditioners that don’t contain dimethicone. It’s a type of silicon that when used frequently can provoke irritations in the skin and in the scalp.
  3. Limit the use of hair dryers and straighteners.

Nutricosmetics to strengthen the hair

Food supplements made up of vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements allow the hair to absorb nutrients and cover the needs that topical products simply can’t cover, like the case of hair loss caused by a deficit in vitamin B8. Natural supplements help prevent and stop, depending on the case, seasonal hair loss and strengthen the hair, as well as brings it back to health.


Nutricosmetics are therefore the perfect ally to a good shampoo and conditioner that respects your hair health and the environment.


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