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How technologies affect children

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How technologies affect children

SHA Wellness Clinic
October 4, 2016

Nowadays, we’re surrounded by all kinds of technologies, from mobile phones, tablets, computers, televisions, consoles, even the wifi network! They’ve become an integral part of our lives to the extent that we can’t live without them and aren’t aware of the effects that they have on our health, especially because they aren’t visible ones per se.

Electromagnetic field

Health is not only based on biochemistry, it is composed of electric charges (electrons, protons), therefore, each atom, molecule, cell, organ and organism has an electromagnetic component. All human beings are antennas that emit an electromagnetic field. All the antennas emit and receive at the same time, thus, they’re sensitive to the external fields. Consequently, the radiations that are emitted by technological devices interfere with our own electromagnetic field and provoke an imbalance in our organism.

The effect of technologies on health

Having said that, it is important to pay close attention to the effects that radiation has on children. Radiations affect everybody, of all ages, however, children have more sensitivity and vulnerability towards them as they’re in the process of growing. They have a higher water content (and the range of the frequency of phones is very similar to the frequencies that water is sensitive to) and their metabolism is more active.

What is worrying is that children are exposed to frequencies emitted by technologies practically since birth via baby monitors, bluetooth, wifi and mobile phones. Consequently, their bodies are under more stress, causing them to be more irritable and susceptible to cry more and have lower concentration levels.

Many studies have shown that by simply eliminating sweet treats and access to technological devices, children who suffer from hyperactivity /ADD have a noticeable improvement. Therefore, imagine the positive effects it can have for all children.

Bad habits

Throughout the years, we’ve adopted an addictive behavior towards technologies, both in adults and children. We use mobile phones and tablets as a mode of distraction so that children are entertained and aren’t a disturbance. However, the use of technologies in excess is a lack of consciousness.

We’re also witnessing how teenagers are constantly on their phones to the extent that they sleep with them under their pillows. Sleeping with a mobile phone next to our head can be very detrimental to our health as it is in direct contact with our brain.

As a consequence, our relationships are being affected since we spend more time on our phones and less time having a conversation face to face. The children of this generation are used to using technology since a very young age and aren’t able to imagine a life without them, therefore, they spend much more time than necessary stuck to electronic devices without connecting to the people and world around them.

The solution

We aren’t suggesting that we should completely eradicate technology from our life. Without a doubt, they’re very useful in our everyday life. However, what we need to try and do is spend less time using them and setting certain limits so we’re not in constant contact with them, especially during our sleep. Have you considered doing a digital detox?

In the case of children, being more reasonable about the age at which they start using mobile phones and other electronic devices should be encouraged. Those who have grown up without technology are well aware that they aren’t a necessity and it should be no different for children. In fact, using less technology would not only benefit their health, but also would incentivize them to be more creative and interact with the people, objects and world around them.

Considering that electronic devices can have negative effects on your health, it’s important to reduce the amount of exposure you have to them on a daily basis. Make sure that your kids play with toys and other kids to explore other ways of entertainment and creativity. Lastly, make sure to remove mobile phones and other devices from bedrooms during sleeping hours to avoid being surrounded by electromagnetic waves emitted by the devices.


At SHA Wellness Clinic, we have a special unit dedicated to Energy Health where the focus is on finding the main cause of imbalances, as well as supporting all of the self-regulation mechanisms in order to treat challenges, whether physical or emotional.


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