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Hydroenergetic detox cure

SHA Wellness Clinic
July 21, 2015

Would you like to relax and relieve stress while eliminating accumulated toxins from your body? Then you need to try the Hydroenergetic detox cure treatment.

What’s Hydroenergetic detox cure?

Hydroenergetic detox cure is a powerful detoxifying, hydroenergetic and healing treatment. It’s scientifically proven that hydrotherapy is relaxing, toning and calming while it helps our body keep its balance and eliminate stress. In addition, this treatment incorporates special essences that enhances these effects.




The most remarkable benefits of the Hydroenergetic detox cure are the following:


  • Improve and activates blood circulation
  • Ir contributes to eliminate cellulite
  • Helps dissolve fats
  • Powerful detoxifying
  • It reduces anxiety and stress levels
  • Helps in removing fluids
  • Improves skin
  • Wellness feeling



What it’s about?

SHA has different body treatments, one of them is the Hydroenergetic detox cure, a 50 minutes treatment that consists in three steps:

1) Hydroaromatherapy – It’s a technical tub with essential oils with temperature and pressure. Thanks to the heat, oils penetrate the body preparing the skin, opening pores and creating a relaxing and purifying effect.

2) Fitomudtherapy – It consists on a pleasant seaweed wrap from natural ingredients with a draining, detoxifying and revitalizing effect.

3) Hidrojet – To finish and remove body mud, different pressure water jets are applied using a hidrojet that restores vital energy, tonifies the body mobilizes fats.



Who is it recommended for?

Hydroenergetic detox cure is a treatment recommended for those who want to lose weight, eliminate accumulated toxins, improve blood circulation, reduce stress and recover their body balance.

Everyone can try hydroenergetic Detox cure combining it with different programs, although it can be inadvisable in some occasions. Nevertheless SHA counts with a medical professionals that advice and determine the most appropriate treatment for each guest.




We encourage you to try this detoxifying and relaxing unique experience at SHA Wellness!



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