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Icoone: one technology, multiple applications

SHA Wellness Clinic
September 30, 2021
This innovative equipment reduces localised fat and cellulite, contours the body, prevents sagging and minimises the signs of ageing and scars.

Treatment efficacy, respect for the skin and a high degree of personalisation are the three essential criteria for any new technology that SHA incorporates it into its health programmes. And Icoone certainly meets all of them. “We have been working for more than three years with this innovative and scientifically proven technology that provides multiple visible and lasting benefits through minimally invasive techniques”, says Iván Llovet, Wellness Supervisor at SHA Wellness Clinic. “In addition, the new generation of this versatile system has improved its performance by around 20%”.

Icoone combines the power of mechanical massage, LED energy and the thermal effects produced by lasers for deep connective tissue treatment. All these technologies work in synergy to “minimise the signs of ageing, recontour the body, reduce inflammation and drain fluid, mitigate cellulite, restore skin’s natural glow and elasticity, improve the appearance of post-surgery scars and stretch marks, and prevent sagging resulting from accelerated weight loss processes. It also has several devices to adapt to different anatomical volumes, such as the RoboTwins, which are twin treatment heads that allow us to act on both the face and the body and reach the most irregular areas, such as the inner thighs, arms or double chin”, adds Iván.

Another of the advantages the expert points out is that “it is minimally invasive, its effects are immediate and, combined with other therapies, physical exercise and a healthy diet, it provides results from the first application. This means guests can return to their daily routine immediately”.

At SHA we know that each guest is unique and so are their tastes and objectives. That is why Icoone fits perfectly into the SHA Method, since it makes an almost infinite personalisation of the treatment according to the real needs of each individual possible. In short, this revolutionary machine provides an à la carte service, with hardly any discomfort or side effects, which can be applied to any area of the face or body and with rapidly visible results.



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