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New SHA Post-COVID Programme

SHA Wellness Clinic
April 29, 2021

SHA Wellness Clinic presents its new health programme to treat long COVID-19

The health and wellness clinic, a world pioneer in preventive medicine, creates the Post-COVID programme, which harnessesits best clinical procedures and therapies to treat the range of persistent COVID-19 symptoms.

An estimated 10% to30% of people infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, suffer, after acute infection, long-lasting or persistent symptoms from 14 days to 16 weeks after recovery. This is known as “Post-COVID Syndrome”or “Prolonged COVID“.

“Many people who have hadCOVID-19 continue to experience symptoms or sequelae after their initial recovery; they do not seem to recover fully. Many of the documented cases suggest that patients are unable to return to everyday activities that were once very easy for them. This situation is known as Post-COVID Syndrome. Because this is a new disease, new possible health consequences are gradually being discovered”,says Dr. Vicente Mera, Head of Internal Medicine and head of the Post-COVID health programme at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Aware of the needs of this part of the population, the medical team at SHA Wellness Clinic has created the Post- COVID programme to specifically treat persistent symptoms or sequelae from a holistic perspective and with a single aim: to return to a fully healthy life.


Prolonged COVID-19: long-term effects

COVID-19 is a highly invasive virus that affects all levels of the human body and, as Dr Vicente Mera points out, “almost as many symptoms have been described as there are parts of the body: neurological, digestive, cardiac, respiratory, ophthalmological, osteomuscular, endocrine, coagulation, urinary and psychological alterations”.

The most common persistent symptoms identified are fatigue, headache, attention deficit, muscle weakness and sleeping difficulties, in addition to pulmonary fibrosis, arrhythmias, anxiety, post-traumatic stress or depression, hair loss and loss of smell and/or taste, among others.

More serious complications appear to be less common, but cardiovascular conditions, lung function abnormalities, kidney damage and skin rashes are beginning to be reported.


SHA’s Post-COVID health programme: an integrative method of action

SHA Wellness Clinic has created the new Post-COVID programme with the aim of treating the persistent symptomsof those who have suffered from the disease to a greater or lesser degree of severity.

Since the virus does not affect all people equally, SHA’s 360º Method of holistic treatment, which interconnects the clinic’s different clinical departments, establishes a series of rehabilitation therapies and clinical treatments to address each persistent symptom. The global and personalised study of the patient’s health is used as the foundation to determine a comprehensive action plan, from nutrition to exercise, including the most suitable treatments and their duration during the patient’s stay.

The goal is to treat the physical, immunological, respiratory, cognitive, digestive or emotional weaknesses the patient may have. To this end, SHA Wellness Clinic has selected the most cutting-edge therapies with proven efficacy, such as: intravenous laser therapy, cryotherapy, stem cell treatment, breathing techniques, reflexology, Human Tecar, watsu, isometric training, specific nutrition plans to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, pressotherapy, etc.

“The ultimate goal is not only to alleviate the possible sequelae detected, but also to prevent others with greater repercussions caused by the body’s sustained inadequate performance, so that we can help restore the patient’s strength so that he or she can once again enjoy their life to the fullest: physically and emotionally” says Dr. Vicente Mera.



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