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5 non-surgical antiaging treatments

SHA Wellness Clinic
January 28, 2016

Your neck is losing elasticity or your crow’s feet are too visible? If your face and neck appearance just started worrying you but you do not want to turn to surgery, don’t bother yourself, there are several solutions to solve it. We present you 5 non-surgical antiaging treatments that you can find at SHA Wellness Clinic Aesthetic Treatments Menu.


Find out Mesotherapy

This cosmetic treatment introduces tiny medicines, vitamins or minerals quantities by means of needles. Boosting collagen production and cellular activity, it reduces expression wrinkles and removes fat from the undesirable double chin.


Platelet Rich Plasma application on skin

Also known as PRP, it consists in using a biological substance obtained with our own blood. The plasma is applied on skin by means of microinjections. This is a perfect treatment for mature skins with aging signs; the skin will look brighter and smooth.


Renovate skin with Peelings

Different types of peelings remove dead cells layers from our skin to get a brighter and healthier face. Peelings stimulate collagen creation, achieving a more elastic skin, activate blood circulation and increases skin moisture. They also improve the absorption of other beauty products.

It is a non-invasive method, that depending on the technique, can fight the apparition of light expressions lines. This is the more accessible antiaging treatment to any of us, but we must differentiate between chemical, physical and mechanical peelings.

Photodynamic Therapy with LED Lights

Maybe, you wouldn’t have thought that light could help you to look younger but LED lights are particularly efficient to act against wrinkles, reduce acne and mitigate the solar damage. According to the light color, the application would be different.

  • Red LEDs: stimulate fibroblasters to produce collagen and renovate cells, which leads to a good anti wrinkles action
  • Blue LEDs: stop the development of bacteria responsible of acne
  • Yellow LEDs: detoxify the skin
  • Green LEDs: invigorate the capillary walls
  • Orange LED: enlighten the face

Try different injectable substances

  • Botox: with Botox injection, the muscles’ contraction is partially blocked in order to limit the facial mime. This is particularly efficient to fight against marked wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: we can find this natural substance in our body. But with time, its presence decreases, which provokes firmness loss and wrinkles apparition. Injecting this acid, the skin is smooth and moisturized, the aging signs are gone.


Nowadays there exists several techniques to look younger without having to undergone a surgery operation. In Sha Wellness Clinic, the aesthetic medical unit, run by Doctor Dolores Antón, proposes a facial rejuvenation programme. If you want to remove aging signs of your skin, this is your opportunity!


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