tratamientos de estética sin cirugía
tratamientos de estética sin cirugía

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Non-surgical beauty treatments

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 4, 2015

Today I’d like to tell you about non-surgical beauty treatments for both face and body that are not aggressive for those who don’t want to have an operation.

Great results can be achieved when combining these non-surgical beauty treatments. Specially if a supervised diet, some exercise and relaxation are accomplished, the body will for sure show a change, as our inner wellness is shown outside too.


It is one of the most contrasted treatments to fight cellulite and improve skin texture. It works on cutaneous and subcutaneous connective tissues. It adapts perfectly to any condition and body area and provides results that really surprise due to its effectiveness both physiologically and aesthetically.


It is performed with a machine called linfodrainer that works the massage with cupping glasses; thereby stimulating different functions of the body and helping to eliminate toxins. It also helps reduce orange-peel skin.


non surgical treatments for body and face



It is a treatment for both facial and body skin firming. With Radiofrequency Indiba an increase in local temperature in tissues is produced by radio waves, increasing blood flow and inducing a number of beneficial biological effects in the aesthetic medical field.

Thanks to these effects of synthesis stimulation of new collagen, elastin and fat reduction the following results will be obtained:

  • Skin Firming: skin retraction improving the oval face and decreasing the laxity of tissues.
  • Body remodeling: Volume reduction by lipolytic and draining effect
  • Cellulite Reduction: Improving all types of cellulite (edematous, fibrous, adipose, mixed)


It is a method for facial and body rejuvenation that allows the increase of beauty and a healthier state providing a feeling of comfort and tranquility.
Physia regenerates cells naturally and harmoniously, and this inner health improvement causes an increase in external beauty, improving wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite and capillaries, as well as reducing body volume and increasing toning.
Physia uses “CPMTech?” (Cellular Physiologic modulatio) technology that emits physiological sequences determined to help our cells to perform their nutrition, elimination and exchange functions correctly. The frequency used is identical to that produced by the body itself when the cell has to be oxygenated, feed or eliminate waste so our body will recognize these frequencies as their own and natural.
This system is the only one that responds not only to localized problems, but allows to obtain an overall effect of health and wellness in body and mind from the first session.


These treatments have a common feature: they take care of our health and beauty on a healthy way, not aggressive for the body and obtaining great results with no need of an operation.



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