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Nutrition Under the Magnifying Glass – Part V

SHA Wellness Clinic
July 30, 2019

Demon carbohydrate

Studies of the longest-living populations in the world show that their diets prioritise vegetables and legumes, cereals and moderate consumption of fish. Those societies also have strong social ties and high physical activity.

Thinking that carbohydrates are bad makes no sense. We can’t chewing on a sugar cane to adding spoonfuls of sugar to our drinks. It’s obvious that Brown rice doesn’t affect our bodies the same way refined white rice does. Fibre is the main difference between them. The higher fibre levels in Brown rice help regulate bowel function and feed microbiota because fibre is the best prebiotic. Brown rice regulates colesterol and contributes to the prevention of certain deseases. Its low glycaemic load stabilises glucose levels in blood, preventing fatigue after eating, hypoglycaemia, anxiety and hunger, as well as preventing hyperglycaemia and over-production of insulin. It also contains more vitamins, minerals and proteins. A diet that lacks the unprocessed or unrefined complex carbohydrates found in vegetables, cereals and legumes is not a balanced diet.

Fermented vs. Processed soy

Soy consumption is very recent in Western countries compared to Eastern countries. In Eastern countries, soy is known to be beneficial, especially for women, part of a diet low in animal fats and refined sugars and rich in vegetables. But much of the soy consumed in the East undergoes some type of fermentation process, and is eaten in the form of miso, natto, tempeh or tamari. In the West we often use soy in the form of milk, yogurt and vean sprouts ore ven processed forms such as soy protein. In these cases, in addition to cooling digestion, it can cause allergic reactions. Eating fermented soy, such as in miso soup, on a daily basis especially when the weather is cold, has many health benefits.

Many women are afraid of consuming soy products because of research in animals that showed that it causes cancer, but in reality it has protected women in Eastern countries.


To be continued…


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