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Pelvic floor health

SHA Wellness Clinic
February 16, 2021

Modern science has disproved the traditional belief that pelvic floor health is something exclusively for women, and experts now warn that pelvic floor health is also important for men. For men, pelvic floor disorders can lead to loss of bladder control, bowel problems or erectile dysfunction, among others. Naturally, these are problems that have a solution. But they have to be detected and diagnosed first and treated by a professional.

Weakness or tension of the pelvic floor muscles may be caused by constipation, chronic cough, being overweight, a sedentary lifestyle, ageing and stress or anxiety.


Incontinence and other pelvic health issues

Several problems can result when the pelvic floor muscles weaken and the best known are related to the bladder: they can be in the form of accidental leaks, incontinence, the need to evacuate frequently, etc. But the problems can go beyond the bladder and affect the bowel, leading to issues like constipation.

In the exclusive case of men, erectile dysfunction is another problem associated with abnormalities in pelvic floor performance.


The ultimate goal: to improve quality of life

Pelvic floor disorders are not disabling, but they do have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. For obvious physical reasons, but also psychological ones, which can include a loss of self-esteem.

Unlike women, who tend to be more aware of the problem, men often do not know how to identify pelvic floor dysfunctions. What’s more, they don’t know where or who to turn to for effective solutions.

Scientific evidence shows that in three months, everyone with a pelvic floor disorder can improve their symptoms if they do specific exercises prescribed by a specialist. And there is always a further improvement in results after six months of therapy.


Diagnosis and solutions at SHA Wellness Clinic

There is only one way to find out the true state of the pelvic muscles: through an examination by a physiotherapist or pelvic floor expert. The first thing is to do is examine the state of the pelvic floor muscles to assess how well they are working.

The SHA Wellness Clinic expert employs sophisticated therapy techniques and training for the pelvic floor muscles to improve pelvic health and prevent issues, complemented by learning healthy daily habits. And this goes for both women and men. Consequently, and once the disorder has been diagnosed and located, personalised therapeutic guidelines are established, adapted to the needs and objectives of each individual.


Book your health programme now at SHA Wellness Clinic and discover our Physiotherapy unit, a multidisciplinary team whose objectives are to re-educate, prevent and treat neuro-musculoskeletal and postural disorders, through the use of physical methods, therapeutic exercise and mesotherapy, restoring the body’s normal function.


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