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Prognos: the technology to measure energetic health

SHA Wellness Clinic
November 16, 2021
Human body is powered by energy, so detecting and correcting electromagnetic imbalances is essential for optimal health.


Heartbeat, respiration, cellular metabolism, digestion and, in essence, all our organs, tissues and systems produce and need energy to perform their functions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this vital energy that flows through nature and all living beings is known as Qi and, when it is in balance, it allows us to perform at our best level.


As Amalia Rubio, Head of the Energy Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic, says, “the human body has an electromagnetic field that we need to be able to live and be productive. At SHA we have a specific technology, called Prognos, to detect possible weak points in its structure and reinforce them before the cells are damaged. This device provides information on the body’s electromagnetic signals and measures, at the beginning and end of the meridians, the electrical frequency at which each of our organs and systems work”.


One of the great advantages of this innovative platform is that it provides an important preventive action. “This technology detects imbalances before they turn into matter, in other words, before we start to feel the symptoms, such as tiredness, insomnia, fluid retention or metabolic problems, which allows us to prevent future pathologies. In addition, it recharges the weak points and compensates for those that are too altered, thus helping us to recover the desired body-mind-emotions balance,” says Amalia.


Prognos is a non-invasive diagnostic system with different technologies that work in synergy to evaluate the energetic state. On the one hand, as the expert explains, “a pulsating electromagnetic field mat is used with an intensity of a physiological value together with a far-infrared heat emission at a very specific frequency, which acts simultaneously on the whole body. On the other hand, bioresonance therapy, a personalised frequency treatment that strengthens and balances specific points, organs, systems and tissues. The benefits are numerous: it increases the potential of cell membranes, which is where the most energy is available, improves blood and lymph circulation, strengthens the immune system, activates the metabolism, helps to detoxify cells, stabilises the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which reduces insomnia, promotes relaxation and stress control, increases vitality and regulates the body’s self-recovery mechanisms”.


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