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Recover your inner balance in a wellness clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic
March 25, 2018

The stressful way of life of today can make you lose the inner balance that your body needs to feel healthy and fit. If this is starting to be a concern for you, we recommend a personalized plan in our wellness clinic. We will explain what these plans consist of and how they will improve your natural balance by recovering your well-being and helping you to eliminate stress.

The most complete wellness method

It all begins with a medical evaluation of your health status because, in order to apply the treatments, it is necessary to know what symptoms you have and what your body needs. Sometimes we do not realize where our imbalances lay.

In this first phase, we carry out an analysis and a clinical consultation with a doctor. Your nutritional status will be assessed, as well as your bioenergetic status and you will have a revitalizing medicine consultation. From there you can start therapies that are recommended for you. So, depending on the problem you are presenting, they’ll recommend a completely tailored program modality.

Anti-stress programs

If your real problem are your day-to-day worries, work, family, and all that is causing you an internal imbalance, and you are suffering from insomnia, migraines, anxiety and you feel fatigued all day … It’s time to do something about it!

They will help you through a healthy and balanced diet that’s completely tailored for your case, recovery exercises of inner balance, recovery of energy levels, sauna, Turkish baths and hot springs that will relax you and help you to address your issues in a whole different manner.

Weight control and detox programs

Sometimes our busy life forces us to develop less healthy habits due to the constant rush and anxiety. If this is your case, and you feel that you need to recover your weight and your health, this program will help you to restore them.

You will see that the personalized diet and treatments designed to recover your metabolic balance manage to improve your state of health and, you will even be able to lose weight in a healthy way, because both sugar and excess fat, will be reduced in your body.

The combination of a healthy and natural diet and natural therapies, as well as education programs that will help you to assimilate the information and learn from experts specialized in nutrition, make this improvement to be retained once finished your these programs.

Do you know these natural therapies?

To help you understand how this type of therapies would serve to restore your internal balance we will explain some of them to you, for example:

– Acupuncture: it is a practice of the traditional Chinese medicine; some fine needles are applied in certain points of your body.

Shiatsu, the points of the body that restore balance are pressed with the fingers.

– Yoga, where the concentration and oneness between mind and body is practiced.

– Physiotherapy, which includes methods such as massage, administering of heat, cold or light and personalized exercises.

These are some examples of how a wellness clinic can help you to recover your health, gain serenity, experience the peace you need to continue with your life in a healthier and more balanced way.



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