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Discover all the benefits of serum therapy

SHA Wellness Clinic
February 8, 2022
SHA Wellness Clinic’s Revitalising Medicine department incorporates eight new serums that will help you reach an optimal state of physical and mental health.

If everyone followed a healthy, balanced diet to get the essential nutrients the body needs to function properly, serum therapy might not exist. But, as Rosario García, coordinator of the Revitalising Medicine department at SHA Wellness Clinic, tells us, “between the fact that life today is more toxic and less healthy than it used to be and that the majority of society doesn’t eat right, we’re seeing more and more people with nutrient deficiencies, which has a very negative impact on health”.

When the body lacks vitamins, minerals, trace elements or amino acids, its natural functions are affected. “Serum therapy is the intravenous administration of nutrients that replenishes the body faster and more effectively than oral treatments. The reason is that they pass directly from the bloodstream into the cells and the cells use what they need and eliminate what they don’t. Not only that, but serum therapy doesn’t need to pass through the intestinal barrier, which is often in less-than-perfect condition, which impairs the absorption of these nutrients”, adds the doctor.

It is important to clarify that serotherapy does not solve the lack of a specific nutrient, but rather a specific problem generated by that deficiency. This is why SHA has different formulas that allow us to personalise the treatment and adapt it to the specific needs of each guest, always administered in the recommended therapeutic dose for each. Now, we are expanding our existing offer with eight innovative serums that have multiple applications in different areas, from treating inflammatory processes to immune deficiencies, including diseases associated with ageing. In addition, their enormous versatility makes them great allies in detox programmes and weight-loss diets; they also combat the effects of toxic overload, sports overtraining and fatigue, reduce vulnerability to stress, improve both metabolic functioning and emotional balance, and promote tissue regeneration. They can also be used as a preventive treatment because they help slow down oxidation caused by free radicals.


The star treatment

Among the eight new serums, NAD Intravenous Therapy is one of the most complete. As Rosario explains, “NAD is a coenzyme that is found in all living cells and is essential for their survival. It is derived from vitamin B3 and plays a very important role in obtaining cellular energy and in repairing DNA damaged by toxins or free radicals. In addition, NAD influences ageing and longevity and its level decreases as we get older. In fact, up to 50% can be lost between the ages of 40 and 60, and by the age of 80 there is practically nothing left. This decline has been shown to be linked to the cognitive decline, muscle wasting and frailty associated with ageing and with neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia) and metabolic (diabetes) diseases. Raising NAD levels rebalances neurons, revitalises the central nervous system, protects against cognitive decline, accelerates metabolism and allows the level of physical activity lost over time to be restored. In short, it is a preventive therapy that improves all age-related diseases”.

For more information on serotherapy, visit the Revitalising Medicine section on our website. Click here


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