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April 29, 2015

At SHA, we understand health as an overall state of physical, mental and spiritual wellness, being in harmony with the environment, and having an ideal body weight and lots of vitality.

As we are aware of how difficult it is for many of our guests to follow SHA’s advice on nutrition and health in their daily lives, and considering the modern day world in which we live, surrounded by environmental pollution and immersed in stressful situations, we have come up with a range of food supplements and vitamins to make up for the deficiency in vital nutrients that are required to attain an optimum state of wellbeing and vitality.

Brain, Heart and Eyes: Omega 3 krill

SHA Food Supplements for your brain eyes and heart


  • Ideal supplement for protecting the brain, heart and eye.
  • Contains an omega-3 fatty acid, that decreases total choresterol, and comes from a type of tiny shrimp that lives in the waters of the Southern Ocean. Their diet consists in algae, which is very rich in omega-3 (EPA, DHA, phospholipids) and astaxanthin, a powerful carotenoid that give it that typical pink colour.
  • For a good lipid profile requires a proper balance of omega-3 / omega-6.


  • It plays an important role in the development and the functions of the brain and vision.
  • Its high vitamin E content helps protect the cells from oxidative stress.
  • It has high levels of EPA acid which helps keep the heart healthy.


Skin, Hair and Nails: Younger Skin


  • Ideal supplement for optimal skin, hair and nail care.
  • It helps keep the connective tissue strong and healthy.
  • Contains a wide range of nutrients like silica, zinc, magnesium, and cobalt that are required for the normal skin and nail care.


  • Helps protect cells against oxidative stress, it promotes cell renewal and the production of collagen.
  • Contains assimilable marine-derived collagen protein.
  • The Silica bamboo extract provides essential substances that strengthen cartilage, bone and enhance connective tissue and joint health.


For strong healthy bones: Healthy bones

SHA Food Supplements for strong healthy bones


  • Healthy Bones is a unique formula on the market that contains all the vitamins and cofactors required to support our bone structure.
  • Bones renew themselves every 80 days, so proper nutrition favours their natural production.


  • Thanks to its calcium hydroxyapatite, calcium montmorillonite clay, vitamin C, silica, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K formula, Healthy Bones is our best ally to keep our bones healthy.
  • Contains digestible protein from marine-derived collagen that is required for the bone matrix that is made up 90% collagen protein.


To strengthen cartilage and joins: Joint health

SHA Food Supplements joins and cartilage strengthen


  • Ideal supplement is ideal to strengthen cartilage and joints.
  • Contains ancient herbal ingredients, known in Asian countries that enhance the sense of joint comfort so that movements are as flexible as before.


  • Ingredients include Boswellia Serrata, Cat’s Claw, green tea, Curcuma and the vitamin C that favour the synthesis of collagen for the proper functioning of cartilage.
  • Contains vitamin D, which helps and improves the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to keep bones and muscles healthy.


For weight control: Be Slim

SHA Food Supplements for weight control


  • Helping hypocaloric diets for weight loss.
  • Contains wisely chosen ingredients such as the Polygonum cuspidatum, which is a rich source of transresveratrol, green tea extract, Wakame seaweed, Garcinia cambogia, Gymnema sylvestre, and Chromium.


  • These ingredients favour weight loss, stimulate lipid degradation, increasing the metabolism and fat oxidation, decrease appetite.
  • it also has antioxidant properties, and it protects the organism against free radicals.


The health science: Berberina gold

SHA Food Supplements health science


  • Supplement at the forefront of Health Science.
  • The Berberine is a medicinal plant that has been used in China, Mexico and India for thousands of years, although it is only now that science has discovered the magnitude of its benefits.
  • The unique formula of Berberine Gold has been created using the know-how and the experience of our expert team of doctors and scientists


  • Berberine Gold is our best bet to ensure the well-being of our guests, especially those who require alipid-lowering effect.
  • It is a molecule that enhances the metabolic syndrome, reducing blood glucose levels and blood pressure.



SHA Food supplements can be purchased at SHA Boutique (physical store of SHA Wellness Clinic) and Esenza by SHA, but it’s crucial to consult a doctor or health advisor for the use depending on needs.


“Health is not everything but without health we have nothing.”, Schopenhauer.




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