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Slimming massages for slimming and reducing abdominal fat

SHA Wellness Clinic
November 21, 2023

Can a slimming massage deliver everything it promises? The answer is a resounding yes, but with some conditions. The first one is the methodology of the massage, that the effectiveness of the technique be proven, and the second is the expertise, energy and good hands of the therapist. At SHA Wellness Clinic we have all this at our disposal.

A good slimming massage is a method to combat and eliminate the accumulation of fat in a localised area of the body, such as the buttocks or abdomen. The pressure and movement promote the expulsion of toxins, benefit blood flow, and even improve the digestive system.

With this type of massage, it is possible to reduce the volume and contour of the area worked on by between five and ten centimetres, which is why this procedure slims the figure. However, in order for its magic not to fade over time, it needs to be accompanied by a healthy diet and physical exercise.

It is interesting to note that slimming massage is not an effective solution for losing body weight, but rather for reducing localised fat deposits that are so annoying and so difficult to eliminate. However, if the aim is to lose a lot of weight, it is necessary to resort to personalised diets and an exercise programme.

This massage does succeed in reducing localised fat in specific areas of the body, in eliminating cellulite and reducing the volume of the areas worked on, such as the waist or abdomen.

Due to the areas where it is applied, it is a complex technique that cannot be carried out by any person engaged in body aesthetics, but only by a specialised therapist. The sessions can be long, usually lasting between an hour and a half and three hours, and they usually work on the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, torso and arms, with the aim of moving and reducing fat, shaping the figure and eliminating toxins and cellulite.

The therapist will use the hands for the massage and will apply kneading, rubbing, percussion and draining techniques using the knuckles of the hands. For this purpose, sliding products with slimming properties and thermal effect are used, such as steam, draining oils, clay or seaweed mud.

Slimming massage requires more force and intensity than other massages, and may cause pain in some patients. It is not a relaxation method, as the strength of the movements prevents the person from escaping and disconnecting. The pain is not unbearable, far from it, but it is a permanent discomfort, caused by the intensity with which the techniques must be exercised for the massage to be effective.

A slimming massage is not the solution to treat significant overweight or obesity either. It is only supplementary in the treatment of localised fat. Correct diet and physical exercise at least three times a week are essential to reduce body fat, reduce the volume of the areas worked on and eliminate cellulite.

Perseverance is the secret of a slimming massage, as its effects do not last forever. Once the sessions are over, you must be strict with diet and exercise to avoid regaining the fat and volume lost.

Slimming massages are contraindicated for pregnant women, people with skin problems, such as dermatitis or oedema, people with pacemakers or cancer patients.



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