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Discover the slow food movement

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May 18, 2016

You have probably heard about slow food movement as one of the most leading trends concerning healthy food. But the truth is slow food movement was born 30 years ago in a small Italian village; with the idea of defending a new way of eating that provides numerous benefits for our health.


Pleasure and knowledge

Slow food was born with the will to fight againststandardization of taste in gastronomy and to defend the food diversity that we have in every country of the world. It consists in combining pleasure and culinary knowledge. What does slow food promote?

Homemade meals with local and organic food

Keeping gastronomic traditions in every single region of the planet

Enjoying meals with family and friends

– Developing sense of taste

Taking time to eat and savor


Numerous benefits

Whereas fast food obliges you to eat quickly huge quantities of fatty and salty food that does not bring any necessarynutrients, without the need of chewing; slow food brings you different benefits for a better health:

– Helps to have a good digestion thanks to properly chewing the food

– Helps to control stress. Since you eat calmly, the body doesnot produce unpleasant symptoms because of the stress of having to eat fast

– Permits to eat healthy. In effect, it promotes having a balanced diet with organic, nutritive and natural products.

Prevents from digestive and intestinal discomforts

– Helps control weight with ingestion of healthy food that have very little fat or no fat at all

Improves nutrients absorption of the food as you chew it better and of course, food is better digested


A trendy movement

Thanks to slow food, people are getting aware about the importance of eating slowly and healthy so on social media, new ways of consuming food are emerging. This is the case of the bowls trend. Due to the size of bowls, food is consumed in reasonable quantities, which is perfect to control your weight. Moreover, you can include an important quantity of healthy food, as vegetal milks, fruits, seeds… And the best thing is that bowls are really appetizing which perfectly fits in the philosophy of eating with pleasure.




Besides of being good for our health, the slow food movement is also good for the environment, as food has to be produced in a clean way, with no damage neither for the environment nor the animal wellness.


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