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Stress addiction

SHA Wellness Clinic
April 22, 2015

Executives’ stress addiction is nowadays widespread

There are more and more cases of Burnout, extremely stressful professional situations that cause an excessive tiredness, an inability to rest and relax, a strong and permanent difficulty for sleeping. Memory faults and concentrations and focus difficulties also appear.

Most of these situations start with a stress addiction. It may sound strange but it’s a reality, stress can also be an addiction!

There exists a permanent need of being connected with the mobile phone, the computer, consecutive meetings, new projects as well as the need and excuse to work and control situations, being always aware of everything around and work life.

As in permanent stress and any other addictions, adrenalin levels are always high in the organism and there appears the need of keeping them this high. Body and brain get used to high adrenalin levels and start needing it. That’s why when one tries to stop or relax, there’s a feeling of need, of missing and one gets back to the same rhythm, so the adrenalin levels are reached again.

Like other addictions there are always excuses for the attitudes. Addiction to mobile phones and emails is always excused by work. And there’s no better excuse than work for not taking care of the physical and mental health!

Work is always urgent and we forget what it’s actually important. Health, harmony between body and mind, the importance of relationships – everything becomes secondary, accessory.

It’s crucial not to confuse encouragement with pressure, responsibility with going beyond health human limits.

A healthy stress management is that made by executives that work on different elements: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


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