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The benefits of Ozone Therapy for health

For SHA Wellness Clinic
August 2, 2018
Health & Beauty

Dr. Rosario García- Revitalizing Medicine Coordinator at SHA Wellness Clinic.

"Ozone therapy is considered a conservative treatment that does not disturb the body, which offers an innovative solution for many health issues that conventional medicine cannot cure."

Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment performed with ozone, a gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. Medical ozone, however, is not pure and is mixed with oxygen in concentrations and dosages that are selected using an ozone generator. A single or repeated application of medical ozone in small concentrations and quantities brings about a beneficial and effective biological effect on the body. Ozone medical applications are based on its oxidative capacity, capable of generating a controlled stress which activates antioxidant responses in our body.

When we introduce ozone into the human body, an immediate chemical reaction occurs which generates second messengers called ozonids. These will unchain a series of metabolic reactions that will eventually bring about positive biological effects and benefits: enhanced oxygen supply into the body, activation of the immune system and its own antioxidants and captors of free radicals, effective in tissue protection and in the delay of the ageing process.

Ozone therapy is considered a conservative treatment that does not disturb the body, which offers an innovative solution for many health issues that conventional medicine cannot cure. It is very simple and varied, and in some cases it surpasses the results obtained by pharmacotherapy. This therapy has great therapeutic potential, and is characterised by the simplicity of its application, high effectiveness and tolerance, and virtually no side effects.

Results are rather evident and, in general, can be noticed from the third to fifth session. As the body’s tissues are adequately oxygenated our natural defences improve, our immune system is strengthened, improving our alertness, concentration, memory and energy.

Ozone therapy enhances physical and intellectual performance, helps promote restful sleep, progressively diminishes pain, boosts sexual drive, improves mood, and is also beneficial to hair and skin.

As a general rule, medical ozone is a branch of complementary medicine, and is used as an adjuvant complimented with other conventional medical treatments. However, scientific research has determined that the application of ozone can heal some illnesses. Usual indications are infections, blood supply disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, and chronic and acute joint illnesses – including herniated discs. Ozone therapy boosts our liver’s detoxifying function – hence its high effectiveness for treating fatty liver, viral hepatitis and liver disorders caused by high levels of alcohol consumption.

People under work-related stress, or those exposed to excessive physical and mental efforts are excellent candidates for ozone therapy. The use of this medicine treatment activates the metabolism of red and white blood cells, invigorating and improving the patients’ general condition. It has been determined that high performance athletes may greatly benefit from this therapy as it brings about a faster recovery from muscle aches. The senior population have been very responsive to the ozone therapy, as it has a favourable influence on cerebral vascular disorders often noticed by poor concentration, low performance, unsteady waking and dizziness.Ozone therapy has also been proven to be highly efficient in the treatment of diabetes, and in the prophylaxis of its complications. Its efficiency as an adjuvant treatment of conventional treatments for cancer has been proven by extensive research, and the positive effect it has had on patients´ quality of life. Lastly, it is recommended as a treatment with positive anti-ageing effects due to its benefits against oxidative stress and disease prevention, thanks to the additional oxygenation of tissue cells.

No important side effects pertaining to ozone therapy have been found. These are usually mild and tend to appear at the moment of the application. However, it presents contraindications that must be assessed before applying treatment. Large quantities of clinical data have been collected proving its effectiveness and safety, when used according to specific protocols.

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