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Los mejores gadgets para la salud

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The best Gadgets for the health

SHA Wellness Clinic
July 6, 2015


For the wrist, ankle, forehead, arm… There are many types of gadgets for the health today in the market. They are diverse and very practical so you probably won’t know which one you should choose. For people who love tech as for people who don’t, these gadgets are really easy and simple to use that you will love them. Read through and decide which one suits you better, we prepared a list of the best gadgets for the health that will help you improve your fitness and well-being!




  • It is used to correct bad positions and to keep the back straight.


  • It’s a belt that you wear in the waist and indicates through vibrations when you have to correct your position.


  • It calculates the calories you have burned, how many times you stand up from your chair and if you have your body weight bad distributed.


  • You can get it online in its website



Pulse oximeter



  • It works to measure the blood oxygen saturation.


  • It’s a small device to place in the index finger and indicates in its LED screen or in your phone, the pulse, the heart rate, and the level of oxygen in blood without the necessity of going to a hospital.


  • It’s easy to transport due to its small size and its portable battery.




Intelligent socks



  • These socks are adaptable to the feet and help yourun without suffering damages while improving your training.


  • They work connected to an electric ankle brace which allows you to know the pressure of your feet, the strength, and if you are stepping with your heel or with your foot sole.


  • They are easy to use due to its App, which provides the information in real time through audio and video.


  • If you are interested you can get them in its website.



The marvelous scale



  • Although it looks like a normal scale, it is actually not. Body analysys scale has other functions such as calculating the lean mass, water in the body, fats and the goals and progress achieved.


  • It is connected to your home Wifi and it keeps the medical information thanks to its App.


  • It can be used by 20 different users determining the goals and tracking of each one.


  • You can get it in the iHealth website




Are you worried about your health and love tech? If you have enjoyed these devices, don’t miss the second part of The best Gadgets for health that we will post soon!




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