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The Best Healthy Burgers

SHA Wellness Clinic
August 18, 2016

Not all burgers are unhealthy, just like not all healthy burgers are tasteless. It’s quite the opposite! Plant-based burgers can be delicious, nourishing and very satisfying whilst also being good for you. What else can you ask for?

We’ve shared many healthy burgers recipes for you to try, but, we now want to share a healthy burger round-up with the best plant-based burgers.


Tofu Burgers Recipe



Rice and Bean Burgers Recipe



Carrot and Legumes Burgers Recipe



If you still haven’t tried a plant-based burger yet, why not start with one of these recipes? They’re very tasty and their full of nutrients that’ll give you energy and make you feel good, instead of making you feel sluggish like normal hamburgers make you feel.


If you’re someone who likes their burger with fries, why not try making sweet potato fries instead? They’re a much healthier and nutrient rich version. Technically they’re not fries, because they’re cooked in the oven, however, when cut up like fries, and baked in the oven; they get a crispy fry-like texture. Try having them with this guacamole recipe. The combination of the two go perfect together and from a nutritional standpoint, in order for the body to absorb the vitamins from the sweet potato, it needs to be combined with a healthy fat, like avocado.


Go ahead and try making this recipe for friends and family. They’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!


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