The definitive method to quit smoking
The definitive method to quit smoking

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The definitive method to quit smoking

SHA Wellness Clinic
February 19, 2013

One of your New Year’s resolutions was to quit smoking and you still do it? With our Anti-tobbaco program not only we help you overcome this challenge but also we provide some tips to stop smoking and not relapse again in the future. You know there are many benefits of quitting smoking for the health and wellbeing of body and mind.

Smoking is the cause of the occurrence of various types of cancer, heart disease, vascular and lung diseases. Quitting smoking is a challenge as complex as necessary for health, and we are well aware of it. So in SHA we have created an specific Anti-Tobacco program so you can get it, with the help of natural therapies. Also, to complement the treatment, we offer some guidelines and tips to stop smoking, which are very effective and beneficial to health.

How to quit smoking is a question increasingly common among smokers, as they raise awareness of the dangers to health this addiction has. “Quitting smoking is not only possible but also highly recommended and at we make it easier thanks to our program designed to stop smoking which performs a very effective method of its own,” says Dr. Vincent Mera, head of internal medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic. “The treatment involves prior knowledge of the profile of addiction and acts in the physical and psychological conditions of each person,” said Mera, who after making a heart and lung check, proceed to the implementation of anti-smoking treatment through individualized and customized techniques ranging from healthy nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, laser, magnetic therapy to the latest relaxation techniques to stay quit.

The SHA program and the advice for quit smoking proposed by their professionals are also combined with the latest technology and natural therapies from traditional Chinese medicine to help guests in their intention to quit.

“The goals of the treatment are maintained with the help of SHA diet that opposes the withdrawal, allowing overlap in perspective from the no-slimming and no-sugar effect that are typical in the smoker metabolism” says Dr. Mera.

During the duration of the program there is also a thorough monitoring, counseling sessions, assessement with a personal trainer, group activities such as yoga or tai chi and free access to the hydrotherapy circuit for a pleasant and satisfying stay. And also after they leave, the patients will receive a personalized health plan that will allow them to continue the routine from home.

In this interview, Dr. Vicente Mera answers some frequently asked questions about this treatment and provides some advice for smoking cessation. But, if you have any more, do not hesitate to leave them in a comment and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Dr. Vicente Mera gives advice to quit smoking

Is it possible to stop smoking in a simple way?

Yes, but only if the circumstances are required for both the patient (the smoker) and methods.

Indeed, by the smoker requires minimal motivation to justify the effort, a full conviction that the goal can be achieved, and the determination to not delay the decision in time, and, finally, enough perseverance to complete the process happily without relapse.

And regarding the methods, is enough to offer a customized program that meets in a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to the peculiarities of each patient from a physical, mental, and social work.

What does this treatment consist of?

In the first phase of diagnosis the scope and severity of dependence are discussed and the consequences of smoking on the physical, psychological, familial and socio-patient work. Parallel attempts to identify the causes that have led to initiate and perpetuate the habit.

In a second phase it provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary strategy for cessation of addictive behavior.

And you begin to apply the SHA method based on natural techniques covering the three aspects of the SHA method: healthy diet, exercise as directed by a personal trainer and relaxation through the word (psychotherapy, coaching, hypnosis etc), breathing (yoga, etc.), body energy (acupuncture, reflexology, moxibustion, etc.), body surface area (massages, wraps, shiatsu, etc), water (sauna, aerobics, etc.) and other miscellaneous tools.

Only when necessary and under strict medical supervision is necessary that appropriate pharmacological support (nicotine replacement, bupropion, varenicline, benzodiazepines…)

Finally future tactics are designed to prevent relapse (early and late) when the patient returns to the much more hostile environment of everyday life.

What are the key benefits for the body when you quit smoking?

After half an hour without smoking, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature of hands and feet return to normal. Meanwhile, the levels of carbon monoxide and oxygen are normalized past eight hours, allowing improved oxygenation and pulmonary breathing deeper. The risk of SIDS decreases after 24 hours. After 48 hours the senses of taste and smell are normalized. Normal breathing resumes after 72 hours. After three months the power and increase strength of the muscular activity. Bronchial drainage and enhance the risk of infections in the first year. Bad breath disappears also improves the smell of clothes and house in general. Yellowing in hands and nails disappears and improves skin hydration, giving you more smoothness and removing wrinkles.

Passing five years without smoking equals the risk of lung cancer than non-smokers, reducing colds and throat discomfort, and there is less chance of having thrombosis and/or stroke.

From a psychological perspective freedom is recovered by not being subject to the dictates of an addiction. Also on the social and labor benefits are achieved in the domestic economy (with a cut approximately equivalent to spending many thousands of euros per year as packages of cigarrettes smoked per day) while increasing work productivity, since is no longer an excuse to stop working.

What profile of person is it for?

To all those smokers who meet the requirements discussed above, prefer to make the process completely customized and in the best possible environment.

What are the chances of success?

We are fortunate to be able to say that in our patients who have followed the anti-tobacco program, the initial quit rate of smoking is almost 100%.

A tip to a smoker who is thinking about quitting.

The best advice to stop smoking is just to re-read the answer to the first question in this interview.


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