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The most popular superfoods for 2018

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January 9, 2018

The start of a new year brings a wave of new wellness trends that are said to set the tone for the coming year. When it comes to superfoods, there are constantly new ones that arise that might have been used for thousands of years in certain cultures, but are still becoming known to the rest of the world. A perfect example is turmeric. It’s a spice that has been used in Southeast Asia for its healing properties for centuries, but it wasn’t till it became the most popular superfood of 2017 that everyone started talking about it and including it in their diet.

The superfoods that became popular last year, will still prevail, however, this year there are new ones that are said to become the next big thing in the wellness world. If you want to stay on board with the trends and want to give your health a boost, find out what are the must have superfoods of 2018!



Scientists are calling moringa the most useful tree, as it boasts exceptional nutritional properties and is apparently an even more powerful anti-inflammatory than turmeric, and that’s setting the bar high! Just to put it into perspective, moringa contains 2 times the amount of protein of yogurt, four times the vitamin A as carrots, three times the potassium as bananas, four times the amount of calcium as cow’s milk, and seven times the vitamin C as oranges. Pretty impressive…right? Including this nutritionally dense superfood in your daily diet assures that you’re getting the vitamin and mineral intake your body needs.

How to include in your diet? You can either take it in tablet form, which you can buy at a health store, or in powdered form, which you can include in your smoothies or simply mix with water in the morning.



Adaptogens are becoming widely popular, as we live in a society where stress levels continue to increase. Adaptogens are foods that help the body adapt to stress, to reduce stress levels and balance hormones, such as ashwagandha, maca, ginseng, astralagus and even moringa! Taking an adaptogen everyday will balance your organism, help you cope with stress and uplift your mood.


Probiotic drinks

This past year, more research and evidence has proven the important role our gut has on our immunity, mood and overall health. Probiotics have become our gut flora’s ally to maintain balance, health and good digestion. Probiotic drinks, such as kombucha, have become a must have for inner and outer beauty and digestive health. As a continuation of last year, more and more probiotic rich drinks will flourish and will make their way to the supermarket aisles, making it easier for us to maintain a healthy gut.



We all know how important collagen is for healthy youthful skin, but this past year, we’ve discovered how good it is for our gut health too, and the exceptional anti-inflammatory properties it has. By adding collagen powder to your morning smoothie, or taking a collagen supplement, you’ll be strengthening your hair and nails, nourishing your skin from the inside out, supporting digestive health and preventing many illnesses that arise when the body is under constant inflammation. This simple superfood offers a wide spectrum of health benefits that you simply don’t want to miss!


This year is all about becoming the best version of yourself! Try these superfoods to boost your health and vitality!


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