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Three relaxing therapies that will help you regain inner peace

SHA Wellness Clinic
June 11, 2022
To reach an optimal state of well-being it is necessary to disconnect from the frenetic pace of life and reconnect with yourself

Since 2012, Global Wellness Day has been celebrated around the world on the second Saturday of June. A day devoted to raising awareness about how important learning to disconnect from the stress caused by today’s frenetic pace of life and to reconnect with ourselves is for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. In short, to rethink our lifestyle and open a space for self-care that makes it possible to achieve an optimal state of well-being. SHA Wellness Clinic joins this celebration with three age-old therapies that, through deep relaxation, help to rebalance the body and mind and find the much needed and desired inner peace.


  1. Sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls

Used for millennia by Buddhist masters, this is a therapy performed with singing bowls specifically designed and manufactured for this healing technique; when grazed, rubbed or gently tapped with a stick or mallet, they produce certain sounds and vibrations that have a direct effect on the state of mind. They relieve stress, soothe anxiety, recharge the body’s energy levels, help to release physical and mental tension and promote both sleep and relaxation.


  1. Four-handed Watsu

“It provides extreme relaxation” is how Fernando Gallego, Wellness Supervisor at SHA Wellness Clinic, defines the effect produced by a four-handed Watsu session. This water therapy, which combines the therapeutic benefits of water with the acupressure techniques of Japanese shiatsu massage, relieves muscle tension and pain, decompresses the spine, reduces anxiety and stress, improves sleep quality and aids digestion. Imagine the wonderful feeling of weightlessness of floating in water (at exactly 34ºC) while two expert therapists cradle you, perform gentle stretches and work the acupuncture points with light pressure in an individual and totally private pool designed specifically for this treatment.


  1. Pranayama breathing

Breathing is the bridge between the body and the mind. Thus, the mind is calm when breathing is calm. In this breath control technique, which has been practised for over three millennia, slow, deep inhalations and exhalations are taken to create a steady pattern that promotes relaxation, helps focus attention on the present moment and enhances mindfulness. Pranayama breathing is a very effective tool for achieving an optimal state of well-being because it calms anxiety and stress, increases lung capacity and blood oxygenation, revitalises the body and mind, slows the heart rate and improves concentration, cognitive performance, digestion, sleep and mood.


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