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Traditional Chinese Medicine: Benefits

SHA Wellness Clinic
May 9, 2017

Traditional Chinese medicine is an age-old practice that has helped many people throughout history.

These days it is growing in popularity, as Westerners are starting to take advantage of its benefits.

Acupuncture and reiki are two of the methods used by this type of medicine to alleviate pain and illnesses, but there are many more.


Acupuncture and reiki are two fundamentals of traditional Chinese medicine

The techniques share a common goal: to balance the energies in our body.

Diagnosing pain therefore consists of identifying where and how these imbalances are occurring. Imbalances are external manifestations of the pains we feel.

As a result, the pains disappear when we can balance the forces in our body.

Acupuncture is the most well-known healing method of traditional Chinese medicine. It achieves balance by inserting needles in strategic areas of the body.

This technique stimulates blood circulation to boost physical well-being.

Meanwhile, reiki is a therapy that involves placing hands on the patient’s body. This healing method is based on channeling energy blockages.

It is a non-invasive therapy, and is now recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

At SHA Wellness Clinic, we recommend the Detox Program for anyone interested in this type of medicine. It includes 2 traditional Chinese medicine treatments as well as other services to help improve your vitality and physical and mental well-being.


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