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Transformative Breathing

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June 2, 2023

Innovative method that combines the proven benefits of ice bathing with the therapeutic power of breathing through a multidisciplinary technique that results in a transformative experience, both physically and mentally.

The ice bath allows for increased levels of resilience, energy and vitality resulting from the release of dopamine and adrenaline, while the breathing techniques help to control the peripheral nervous system and properly manage stress levels and anxiety.

It is an immersive experience in which the patient is exposed to certain external stimuli in order to learn strategies that allow to optimally manage emotions and/or day-to-day difficulties.

This methodology, known to be used by many elite athletes, consists of three phases or experiences: Breathing for Wellness, Emotional Detox Breathwork Therapy and the Ice Bath.

Psychology Session | Breathing for Wellness

Assessment session to determine your motivations or psychological blockages, and measure your breathing performance. The benefits and importance of breathing correctly are explained. Practical tips to apply in daily life are given.  

Breathing Techniques | Breathing for Wellness 

You will learn to be more aware and appreciate the importance of knowing how to breathe properly, through a series of techniques that will allow you to breathe correctly, which will positively influence your physiological and psycho-emotional state.

Breathing techniques | Emotional Detox Breathwork Therapy 

A session of accelerated breathing exercises to activate the sympathetic nervous system, the aim of which is to teach how to control the activation or deactivation of the peripheral nervous system in preparation for experiencing similar sensations prior to immersion in the ice bath.

Psychology Session | Emotional Detox Breathwork Therapy 

Final session to evaluate all the learning acquired by the patient in the previous phases of Transformative Breathing, in order to learn how to apply these breathing techniques in daily life.  


Immersion in an ice bath at a temperature of 3ºC, for at least 2 minutes, where the icy water acts as a mirror of all those situations that paralyse or produce blockages. It strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to stress, reduces muscular inflammation and cortisol levels. 


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