Treating digestive problems with Traditional Chinese Medicine

For SHA Wellness Clinic
February 27, 2018
Natural Therapies

Eva Escorihuela- Traditional Chinese Medicine expert at SHA Wellness Clinic

"Traditional Chinese Medicine can bring back the “digestive fire” into balance and ensure that your gut is healthy"

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of people who suffer from digestive issues at one point or another, and more scientific evidence is proving the importance that the gut health plays on immunity, brain function, mood and overall health.

It’s not only important what you eat, but also whether your intestines are actually absorbing all the nutrients you’re ingesting. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine expert Eva Escorihuela, in Western countries, digestive problems tend to be quite frequent, for several reasons:

  • Eating an excess of precooked or refined foods, lacking real nutritional value.
  • Poor eating habits, such as eating quickly, not chewing properly and not practicing mindful eating.
  • A predisposition to suffering from digestive issues.


For those who suffer from digestive problems, Traditional Chinese Medicine can positively improve the underlying issues and treat the imbalances that are impeding correct functioning.

The methodology that TCM applies to diagnose whether the digestive system is working correctly is by analysing whether the “digestive fire” is balanced; the energetic state that allows correct digestion and absorption of foods.

When the “digestive fire” is weak, food isn’t digested correctly, provoking the spleen-stomach to overwork, as well as causing symptoms such as bloating, gas, lack of hunger, vomiting and abdominal pain. On the other hand, when the “digestive fire” is too intense, the opposite sensations arise: constant hunger, acidity, weight-loss and can lead to illnesses such as gastritis and stomach ulcers.

In order to prevent these symptoms and ensure your digestive system is working optimally, Traditional Chinese Medicine can bring back the “digestive fire” into balance and ensure that your gut is healthy!


If you suffer from any of these symptoms, visit Eva Escorihuela, head of Traditional Chinese Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic.


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