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Vitamin Deficiency
Vitamin Deficiency

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Vitamin Deficiency

SHA Wellness Clinic
August 8, 2013

What makes us lose vitamins?

In a previous post we talked about the importance of vitamins in our healthy diet and how vitamin supplements can help us when there is a vitamin deficiency in our body. But how does the vitamin deficiency appear?

Lack of vitamin

Vitamin Deficiency

Besides the lack of whole and natural foods, there are other factors contributing to lack of vitamins in our body. Preservatives and food coloring, the classic combination of tobacco, coffee and alcohol, meats and even some medications increase the need for vitamins in our body. When we consume these substances we are encouraging the destruction of vitamins and preventing them from doing their job.

Bad habits that cause vitamin deficiency
  • Alcoholic beverages destroy large amounts of vitamin A and B
  • Caffeine destroys B vitamins
  • Tobacco makes necessary to double the intake of vitamin C
  • Stress causes the adrenal glands secrete an increased amount of adrenaline, which consumes a large amount of vitamin C. We need increased amounts of vitamin E and vitamin B
  • Sugar requires a supply of vitamins and minerals from our own reserves to metabolize
  • Some medications such as antibiotics and laxatives destroy the intestinal flora, so that you can suffer from vitamin K and B12 deficiency
  • The much used aspirin tripled excretion of vitamin C

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